Welcome to Blue Flame Magick

Actions speak louder than words.  An odd comment considering the medium of the message here is text.  How I feel that phrase applies in this case is not so much about physical actions, but that what I write will speak for me, better than I could do with an introduction.  In an introduction I’d feel the need to compel people to read this blog, to convince people that I’m worth reading, and that I know what I talking about.  After scrapping a few introductions I decided it was best to jump into this blog, and let my entries speak for me.  How many years I’ve studied what system, and who I’ve been trained under are both of secondary significance to what I’ve learnt, experienced and how I express myself.

So instead I will introduce my blog.  Blue Flame Magick will be my multidisciplinary blog, where I will discuss topics related to the occult, magick, spiritually, and a variety of topics that I feel may be important and relevant.  I’ll write in whatever form gets my point across, and I’ll write on theory, practice, experience, and experiments; book reviews, media reviews, and news stories.  If I consider it relevant it may end up here.  I’ll discuss the systems I’m studying, the system I’m forging, and others I’m just gleaning information from.  Welcome to Blue Flame Magick.


3 Responses to Welcome to Blue Flame Magick

  1. Cole says:

    Nice, I used to use wordpress but I kept having problems with the spam filters. I may go back to it soon. I love the website name, btw. 🙂

    • Kalagni says:

      Before I launched this I made a test blog here and on blogger, and I like what wordpress offers more. I like the name too (obviously), there are a lot of layers to the site name that I think work well. I don’t know how many of them (if any) will actually ever get addressed here.

  2. […] friend has launched a new blog, Blue Flame Magick, which promises to “discuss topics related to the occult, magick, spiritually” and other important […]

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