Spare, Plans, and Sagan.

BBC Culture Show included a piece last week on Austin Osman Spare, with Alan Moore and others discussing Spare as a person, artist, and magickian.

Found through

The day after I posted Magick: Means, Ends, and Manifestation there was a good post on RuneSoup about Your One Perfect Day. I’m bringing it up because I thought the timing was good, the last bit of my post was about using your magick toward the small steps along your path, and Gordon’s post discusses this. He gives a good structure to evaluate where you are, figure out your ends and your means, and advises enchanting in small chunks. I figured since there was a connection there, I’d pass people the link for those interested.

To those who celebrate, Happy Carl Sagan Day. It’s held on the Saturday before his birthday, though I prefer to celebrate it actually on the day (which is Tuesday). I mention it because Sagan is an awesome person, and I half-jokingly consider his birthday one of my holy days, as I half-jokingly consider Sagan a “Saint” in my tradition. Hopefully I’ll manage to write more about that later.

The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be. Our feeblest contemplations of the Cosmos stir us — there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation of a distant memory, as if we were falling from a great height. We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries. (Sagan, Cosmos 4).


3 Responses to Spare, Plans, and Sagan.

  1. sable says:

    I have loved Sagan’s work since I first saw Cosmos when I was young. The sort of perspective he gives is amazing. sophi and I have re-watched the series like three times.

    • Kalagni says:

      I think it’s a testament to the man that Cosmos is thirty years old now, and yet there is so little in need of editing/updating. Sagan definitely has a beautiful perspective on things. That’s why he’s been “Sainted” because his understanding, not just in the mechanical sense, but the philosophical sense is just so elegant and wise.

      Sadly I was not able to get a piece of apple pie at the restaurant last night, so I’ll make sure to get some Tuesday, because you need apple pie to celebrate Sagan’s birthday.

  2. […] I adore Carl Sagan. Cosmos was a huge influence on my spiritual path. I celebrate his birthday, and call him a Saint. Lupa writes up a great reflection on watching the series, and the importance of its message, and I couldn’t agree more. […]

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