Exams, Essays, and Entries

I know I haven’t posted much lately on here. I’m in university with a 120-130% equivalent course load working on two degrees and it is the end of the term and exam period. Last week and this coming week I have six essays due and four exams, so my time to write posts has been limited. I figured I’d just make this small entry and let people know what it going on and just ask for continued patience.

I’ll share one of my favourite Cthulhu Carols “Mi-go We Have Heard on High.” Tis the season.

For those who haven’t encountered the Cthulhu Carols, they’re a collection of two albums produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Classic Christmas carols rewritten to be about the horrors of the Elder Gods and Old Ones. I recommend the Unbelievable Scary Solstice Combo it contains both CDs, and an awesome tentacle stocking. My stocking is already up for Solstice when Cthulhu will visit me and leave me small gifts, or possibly drive me insane and destroy humanity.


One Response to Exams, Essays, and Entries

  1. Psyche says:

    I had my tentacle stockings up, but had to take them down when Lydia made off with one of them.

    She’s still learning that it’s not ok to eat the solstice lights. Though it does look kind of cool when her mouth glows as she chews on them.

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