Aleister Crowley For President 2012

The internet brings the most amusing things sometimes. Redneck Aleister Crowley presidential ads. Crowley as the 45th President of Yankee-land? If I were to interpret that quickly I’d note that 45 is the “mystic number” of Yesod and 4+5=9 also Yesod. Not to mention the Hebrew word GAVLH, meaning redemption, enumerates to 45. Redemption and two Yesods, obviously Crowley as President would bring back the space program and take America back to the Moon. 666+45=711. ADON, or Master is 711. So he would be an unquestioned leader too. People complain about the ghosts in the White House as is, just wait till Crowley spends time there.

I wonder when I see silly or random videos that reference Crowley (or obscure Ceremonial Magick concepts) what their reasoning for including him is. As much as I like Crowley, I often like the videos that use him as a point of humour.

Film what you Will.


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