Welcome To Mercury Retrograde: Spring 2011

For those not keeping score at home Mercury decided to turn backwards on the 31st of March and will continue his moonwalk until the 23rd of April. Of course to those more sensitive to the horrors of Mercury Retrograde there was a build up starting on the first of March and we’ll be in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde until May 12th.

For those slightly more astrologically inclined he is travelling backwards from 24º Aries back to 12º so if you think you’re getting hit hard and aren’t sure way, you can take one of the links from my last post and draw up your birth chart and see if you have anything in his way.

I have a very tight chart, with the exception of Pluto, Neptune and Venus, everything in my chart is between 14 and 26 degrees, and all in all everything in my chart takes up a mere 120 degrees. They’re also in such signs that everything other than my Saturn will get hit by this Mercury Retrograde using the basic five aspects.

I’m fine with this. I’m a Mercury Rx baby. I was born with Mercury Retrograde in my chart, and it went Direct in my life in the early 90’s. Mercury Retrograde rarely hits me in the way it does other people. No disrupted travel, no crappy communication. Though it sometimes hits me with Retrograde splash-back, meaning other people in my life get hit with it, and I get rebound effects. Within the first week of Mercury Rx both my father and my sister got hit with pretty resilient computer viruses that all their anti-virus, malware, rootkit programs and the like couldn’t handle. So I was called to help. Both were surprisingly tough challenges taking probably about two to three dedicated hours of work to clean up each.

See I’m not hit be retrograde, but people near me are, and I have to deal with it that way. When I was studying astrology, my mentor would tell me that to understand a retrograde period just put “re” infront of the keywords for the planet. So Mercury Retrograde is about recommunication, retransportation, rethinking, and reconnecting. Whenever Mercury Rx is going to hit my chart hard, it picks a time of my life and I’m sent back there. This time it is focusing on high school, and I’m not sure why. Since Mercury Rx I’ve seen two friends from high school, one who I haven’t seen in 2 years, the other 8, this morning I wake up to a facebook message from a high school friend I haven’t seen in 8 years who thinks we should go out for coffee, this week a friend I haven’t talked to since high school due to a falling out added me on facebook (but hasn’t said anything), and another whom I’ve seen twice in the eight years invited me to her birthday party which I had to decline.

This is what happens to me. For me it’s all about reconnecting with my past. It never lasts past the retrograde (okay rarely), I’m not going to resurrect relationships eight years dead, but I’ll catch-up, get my curious closure and move on. That’s what I love about Retrograde periods, specifically personalized ones, they give me a chance to go back, tie up loose ends, and then continue forward. So I don’t see what everyone’s problem is, I just do a little recommunication, a little reconnection, and then I can get on with my life. So stop your fighting, Mercury is bigger than you, if you’re getting hit by the Retrograde, take the time to turn in, reconnect, recommunicate, rethink, and when this is all over you’ll be refreshed and better prepared to tackle what is ahead of you.

I’m just hoping that I don’t have to deal with any more splash-back, and now that I think about it, perhaps this is why two of my book orders are a week late. If Mercury Retrograde starts interfere with me getting books there will be hell to pay.

Also, since we’re discussing Mercury and communication at such, I have two things I want to say.  First off, if you haven’t noticed on the top of the right sidebar there is now mention of an about page.  It only contains a short biography for me, but it contains an email address for me to save a certain commenter from posting a comment meant just to talk to me, and then realizing they can’t delete it because comments are hidden until your first one is approved…not that anyone had done that and panicked.  So yes, if you want to email me, rather than communicate through the site, the About page has that.  Point two, which hopefully addresses another person…  Someone keeps googling “blue flame magick blog” to get here, which is fine, glad to have you, but don’t forget there is a subscribe by email function on the right sidebar, so you get posts emailed to you, or you can add my blog to google reader to keep up with me.  Or you can just randomly google it every once and a while, I’m trying to make it easy.


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