Wednesday Webshares: Wealth, Rootworker Advice, and More Rules, Laws, and Rights

I’ve been writing recently but haven’t really had a chance to finish much, so time for a webshare in no particular order.

First off, Jason Miller over at Strategic Sorcery is currently selling White Mahakala Wealth Talismans. Now personally I have a silly issue with Mahakala, and I’m not linking this so you buy one, but feel free to. More I was greatly amused by his tongue-in-cheek (in parts) sales pitch for why White Mahakala is better than other Wealth Deities.

Dr. Raven, of Dr. Raven’s Conjure posted an excellent article on Tips for Working with a Rootworker and Reader. It’s a great read for both people looking for magickal help or people considering offering it. I don’t think there is anything there I disagreed with, a lot had matched what I cobbled together for my own work, and he gave me a few more points to think on.

Speaking of more to think on, last week I posted Rob’s Laws, Rules, and Rights of Magick. Since then Ananael Qaa has posted his thoughts on Rob’s Laws, and Rules, and Rights which make an interesting supplement and contrast to Rob’s original posts. And no need to fear, even in three posts Ananael Qaa is far more succinct than Rob was.

Book reviews, rants, and articles to come.


2 Responses to Wednesday Webshares: Wealth, Rootworker Advice, and More Rules, Laws, and Rights

  1. Inominandum says:

    Thanks for your kind words about my, shall we say unorthodox, description of WM

    To be clear I don’t really think he is better than anyone or anything else. What is best has to many variables to be that simple. I just felt like writing something as bombastic as his appearance!

    Thanks again


    • Kalagni says:

      Your description reminded me of conversations with a friend of mine, an ex-Feri ceremonialist turned Iyawo, when we argue our “gods” and heroes against each other.

      I assumed you didn’t think he was objectively better, otherwise that would nix all your statements about Dzambhala. It really was an amusing read, the last two points were my favourite.

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