Wednesday Webshares: Birthdays, Arson at an OTO Lodge, Mail-Order Mormons and More

I was informed that at least two version of feedreaders have trouble with my image embedding, so I’m sorry about that focus, but I don’t know how to fix that. I’m going to fiddle with what I can and see if I can’t get my blog looking proper in the feeds.

This week saw the birthday of Lon Milo Duquette, so happy birthday to Lon. The day before I came across this … interesting birthday song to him.

I found out from Thelema Weekly that the Sekhet-Maat Lodge building in Portland was the victim of Arson. Not surprisingly over half of the article is explaining what Sekhet-Maat Lodge and the OTO are, and the comments are filled with someone concerned (but he doesn’t care really) about the OTO worshipping the Antichrist and wanting to kill people. Gets into full on essays, glad to see sympathy for the victims, no? You can donate if so inclined to help the repairs.

There has been a round of discussion on the blogs about ethics and “enlightenment bombing” which was (to simplify) the idea of banishing/binding someone with a blessing that they become a better person. I planned (still might) get in on it from an interesting take from my tradition, but instead I prefer the idea of this “enlightenment bombing.” Yes, I just found out along with books, food, porn, and body parts, you can order Mormons over the internet. My main question is how often is this service used by people actually wishing to learn more, and how often do people do this as a prank?

Computers now aiding in the question to sort out Biblical authorship. So far the computers are performing amazingly and may shed some new light on how the Tanakh was authored. I’m actually really interested in this as one of my side-studies at University involve Biblical scholarship as literature and history.

Edited: I almost forgot to include this. There is a movement “Take Back Yoga” that is trying to return yoga to the actual religious practice and not stretching in your Lululemon pants. I’m in love with it, as that is very often a rant I have.

Lastly an interesting interview with the Venerable Thupten Ngodup, who is the State Oracle of Tibet. I think it is a fascinating look into the side of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan culture (in exile) that many people are unaware of.


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