I’s Can Have Chokmah?

Over on Polyphanes’s blog Digital Amber there is a post titled Instead of a caption this cat gets a sigil. Now while it is a good post about his magickal crafting, all I could think of was cats and sigils. Once upon a time, I made a few occult themed cat macros, which I figured I would share here. The first ones are more loosely occult, but the last ones are far more clearly linked.

That requires some familiarity with the works of Lovecraft.

If you’re not good at reading mangled Egyptian: Long Cat is Long Dead

I have no idea what is happening in this picture but the posture and glowing hands just screamed Qabalistic Cross to me.

This was at a friend’s house, I left my circle out after a Goetic working and a little later I looked over and her cat had made himself home in the circle. I think the last two pictures support Morgan Drake Eckstein’s notion of cats as the secret chiefs. (But they aren’t, we’ve already discussed my connection with the real secret chiefs)


3 Responses to I’s Can Have Chokmah?

  1. polyphanes says:

    I am SO HAPPY about this post.

  2. I’m not sure how I’ve never run across your blog before, but I love it!

    I’m never sure if cats like to stare at us working magic because they can see what is going on, or because they’re marveling at how fucking nuts we look.

    • Disregard that, my feed reader is just retarded and dropped your site’s feed, and I’m notoriously bad with names/titles, so I depend on it to keep my thoughts in order. Glad to be catching up, at any rate!

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