Review: Money Magic – Frater U∴D∴

Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity in its True Element – Frater U∴D∴
Llewellyn. 2011. 221pp. 9780738721279.

Frater U∴D∴ is back with a new book, this time tackling the sticky issue of money magick. It is an odd beast, but while most non-occultists (and a lot of occultists) think of magick in a financial arena there is very little actually devoted to money magick, especially in a practical and overt sense. Enter Frater U∴D∴’s Money Magic. When I’m feeling cynical I say that so few occultists and authors focus on money magick as unlike a lot of magick you can’t get around the hard nature of money. I’m in good company it seems. “[M]oney magic is utterly objectified: either you achieve what you’re conducting a spell for … or you don’t. Thus, there is little room left for fond delusions and facile cop-outs.” (xi)

Right from the beginning he is pulling no punches, money magick, it will work or not work, no dancing around it. The book starts with U∴D∴ making a case for what element money is, and while the answer is that we can’t really simplify anything down too much he makes a very compelling argument for money being Air as opposed to the more traditional Earth. Money isn’t some dead and static component in our lives or society, but it is a living, dynamic being which is better represented by Air than Earth. I actually used Water as the element of money for most of the same reasons U∴D∴ suggests.

A lot of the book is focused not on what most people would consider money magick, but more internal work. Why? Because we are filled with “culturally conditioned psychological blockages that have evolved over the centuries to actually prevent us from making [money magic] work.” (xii) We’re programmed with views on wealth and money that hinder us far more than they help us, and unless we can tackle them we will work for these programmed systems rather than our own benefit. I was very glad to see this current throughout the book, as a frank discussion on why we fail and a practical system to dig us out of our conditioned states is really needed.

The book contains some of the basic material that it seems every book from a big publisher must have these days: ritual creation 101, LBRP, planetary and elemental associations, and the like. Even though the majority of the magick in the book is freeform (as one would expect with Frater U∴D∴) many examples are given in the Hermetic frame work, to help us ceremonialists get our heads around his ideas.

Magick-wise he covers the creation of good luck charms (and their purpose isn’t what you think), deconditioning notions of self-worth and how money flows in our society, sigil magick, and use of planetary forces, specifically how Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn all work together to increase or constrain out finances.

The book is written in Frater U∴D∴’s usual easy to follow and straightforward style. Examples, ideas, and exercises and woven into the book in a way that facilitates understanding of the material, requiring no backtracking unless that’s what the reader wants. Practical magick in concise writing and intelligently tackled. This book will get you thinking about money magick in a new way, and I would highly recommend it, even to people who currently don’t need help in that area, just to get your thinking in a new way.


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