New Year, New You: Goals

Initially I wasn’t going to do New Year, New You because a lot of people talked about their goals in their intro post, and I didn’t want to. I got roped in, and sure enough goals became the second prompt. I love goals, but I felt it could be odd sharing them publicly, at least certain ones. In fact, me talking about my goals seems like me doing the next prompt, doing something that I’ve been putting off cause I don’t want to do it.

A bit on goals and resolutions and then I will get to my personal goals. Some people scoff at New Year’s resolutions, and it is true a lot of them fail, but not all. I can’t find the abstract anymore, but I read in a study that New Year’s resolutions are about 4-8% more likely to succeed than resolutions made at another time. I know 4-8% isn’t much, but with most resolutions we need all the help we can get. Different studies say different percents but only 8%, 12%, or 22% of New Year’s resolutions are successful. According to that study the main reasons people fail are focusing on the negative aspects of their goals (how much time is “wasted” in a gym for example), rather than the reality of the situation, and focused unrealistically on succeeding, fantasizing rather than planning and working.

The article linked lists some things that help, and Deb mentions some in her prompt, and I’ll mention my own too. First off break your resolution down into smaller chunks, these can be increments (rather than losing 20 lbs set four goals of losing 5 lbs) or steps; so getting a new job becomes narrowing the field, looking into whatever training or education is required for the new position, taking that, or arranging to take it, applying to the job itself. Second publicize your goals. I have issues doing this, but people do succeed more when they let others know their goals. When I was first getting back into shape I used to post my jogs on facebook, because I knew some people were rooting for me and if I didn’t post, they’d know I was slacking.

Make your resolutions SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Temporal. Saying you want to lose lots of weight someday isn’t a good goal. Wanting to lose 10 lbs by May is better. Wanting to lose 10 lbs by May by tracking calories and jogging twice a week, now you have a SMART resolution. Clear goals, with metrics you can track, that are reasonable within your life and context, are important to you, and with a time frame, those are the points that make for a successful goal. With that actually track it. Having a goal of 10 lbs by May won’t help if you don’t weigh in every week or so to make sure you’re on the right track.

My goals I’m skipping some of the break down so as not to bore with specifics.

Pick up my academic slack. First term was really hard for me due to ridiculous time restrictions that compounded, second term I’m going to stay on top of them. I’m going to maintain my minimum A average and my placement in the 10% of my University (which means I get to wear my “I’m Smarter than You” gold pin). The how is easy, I just didn’t make it work first time, I’ll complete all my readings the day before lecture and all projects two days before they are due. In both cases that gives me some leeway in case life happens.

Magickal Progress. I’ve decided to take two new magickal trainings over the next year to expand myself some. First step is already taken as I signed up with Jason Miller for his course, I just have to keep on top of that and find another to do later in the year. Related to that idea I will attend temple lessons at least twice a month, and a group meditation once a month.

Expanding my occult business. Aside from doing my magickal odd-jobs I’ve decided to start producing as well. My current timeline places me launching after New Year New You ends, with things being ready by March, but still thought I’d include it. I have all the equipment I need and a fair amount of samples created, now it’s just the ridiculously long process of consecrating everything.

Now, on the magickal side for my academic slack I’m going to work with Tzamaron, my beloved Mercurial Angel to help keep my mind in fighting form, but I’m also going to get back into working with time-tweaking. I don’t know yet if I’ll use Fotamecus again, or work without him, but do some work to make sure I have the time to get everything done. Also, considering the most important part of my degree is based on an interpersonal evaluation, that person will be getting a good dose of compulsion to find me awesome.

As for magickal progress, that goes is pretty much magicked up enough, but I’ll do some divination work for the Equinox to see where my second external training may come from.

My occult business. You know, I’m not sure, I have a few spirits that would be appropriate in theory for production and crafting, but I’m not sure if it is their sphere or not. Since I don’t know how to magick it, I’ll work on divining some advice for it.

I have other goals, some far more boring, some far more personal, but I’ve put out three, that’s enough to get me going.

Be ready everyone for the new year.


One Response to New Year, New You: Goals

  1. Thank you for sharing the goals you felt comfortable with sharing. I know there’s two schools of thought in magic – shouting your intention to the world so the Universe hears it and keeping it a secret so that it’s not disrupted by others. For a bunch of reasons (family life growing up was a mess of secrecy and shame, coming from primarily a touchy-feely Reclaimist background, etc), I’m part of the more blabby side of things but I respect the desire for secrets as well.

    I do start my New Year goals around the time I started the NY NY Experiment for exactly the reasons you mentioned, plus I’m an apple polisher and like to get an early start! 😉

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