“There’s always hope, Gandhi. When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make super-lemons.” Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard from a high school principal.

Life gave me lemons. A few bouts of illness, plus a ridiculously heavy course load coupled with the workplace practicum my degree requires, and a supervisor who hated me and expected the world of me. I’ve been horrendously busy, no time for anything, but I don’t complain because I was given my lemons, and I’m working on my super-lemons.

In spring-summer of 2008 I started a magickal working to get my life on track, it was a series of complex and oddly connected rituals. It’s not over, that’s the beauty, this hectic rush I just survived is just the latest manifestation of my path taking me where I belong. So yes, I went too long without sex, social encounters, or magick for the sake of exploration, but it was all a sacrifice to my Path, to my Self as I continue.

I’m boggled when I see people (moreso when they are occultists) who balk and complain about the amount of work required to reach their goals, especially when it is a goal they used magick to gain the opportunity for.

Whether it’s in some far-off abstract magick realm, or the nitty-gritty physical world, it takes work, it’s the Great Work people.

So while I’m sorry I haven’t blogged, and miss magick that isn’t just daily practice or patching up the boat, I’m glad I went through such a ridiculously hectic period when I had time for nothing else. I have a summer free, and a world to love with magick. New experiments and ventures coming soon. Stay tuned for tinkering with reality, exploring the world, and even a radio show (I’m baffled by that too).


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