Occult Spectrum

I know this is short notice. This is short notice for me too, but tonight is the first night of the radio show I’m hosting with my friend Jackie Williams, Occult Spectrum.

If you’re interested tune in here

And if you want to text chat with us during the show (we may take questions) sign up for a free account here

Apparently these will be archived, but I don’t have the data on that yet, but will have it up later.


3 Responses to Occult Spectrum

  1. MrBlack says:

    Reblogged this on The Razors' Edge | musings on chaos magick, sorcery & beyond….. and commented:
    This is pretty cool, I was going to watch some Wushu films but this popped up and I’m now listening to it.
    Go ahead and take a listen.

  2. I think your first show went excellently, despite the technical difficulties 🙂

    I’m definitely looking forward to theme-centered shows in the future.

    • Kalagni says:

      Thanks. You guys have no idea about the technically difficulties. It was supposed to be over Skype, which is better for my hearing cause I have good headphones, but last night we couldn’t access Skype servers. So then I was going to use my house phone, loud and in the basement, but it wouldn’t connect. Turned out my housemate unplugged the landline earlier cause it was messing with the internet. So then while the show is starting I’m running upstairs with my cell phone (crappy signal in my basement room) and my laptop and ended up sitting on my front porch in the dark doing it. Oy, heh.

      If there are any themes you’d suggest just let us know. Spirit mediation, spirit contact, and healing are the three that have been tossed at us so far.

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