Wednesday Webshare: Sigils, Synesthesia, and Psychic Murders

Robert made a good post on the Do’s and Don’ts for Teachers in pagan/magickal groups, also followed by one for students. Regardless of where you think you’re situated, they’re both worth reading.

Wildmind has a list of 10 Things Science and Buddhism say will make you happy. Really only the Buddhist side is sourced, but a list of ten things to consider.

Phil Hine tackles the Energy Model. Now I like the model, but he makes great points on the hypocrisy and poorly thought out way many people use it I think I should go cleanse my shoes, since they were made (unbeknownst to me) by a homophobic company, and I don’t want my feet becoming homophobes.

Before I linked the Buddhist bar. One step better is the Buddhist Strip Bar. Even the pimps are Buddhist there, you can hear them saying Om Mani Peme Hum…or maybe there were saying “Owe money, pay me ho.” (Bad joke, I know)

A Witchcraft-inspired murder in the UK has come to trial. A very disturbing case. The police believe this is an underreported crime, but give no reason for why they believe that.

Shivian Balaris wrote a good post on making a functional grimoire or Book of Shadows. I disagree with using it as a journal, cause I do a lot and have a complicated daily practice, so I go through journals far quicker than I’d want to with a grimoire or Book of Shadows. I have a few books that I’m trying to put into one, right now it seems like a three hole punched binder is my best choice. If you use a book like this it’s worth a read

Coming soon to a book store near you, a pre-teen/teen novel about a boy who discovers he’s quarter Angel. Nephilim tween fantasy is the new thing.

No, seriously, there is another.

This is really a case of an unbalanced individual taking advice the wrong way. Man murders family for his inheritance after a psychic told him riches were coming his way.

If you’re under a rock Gordon put up the Ultimate Sigil Magic Guide and it is seriously worth a read.

Synesthesia may explain how people see auras!

Or not…

An excellent look into elemental work and initiation into them. Really worth the read.

Lastly on a light note, this will be the problem I have with my children


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