Review: Quadrivium Oils

Quadrivium Supplies Inc. Ritual Oils.

Historically I’ve had mixed luck with Hoodoo oils, to the point that I stopped attempting to make use of them on advice of someone close to me. Of course my curiosity was piqued by the idea of ritual oils made for ritual magickians, and that’s just what Quadrivium Supplies Inc. manufactures.

The producer makes it clear that her oils aren’t Hoodoo oils, though they may draw some of their inspiration from them. Her oils may contain some of the same ingredients, or completely different recipes, and are created during carefully selected astrological elections. Really the oils seem more connected to Hermetic systems than anything else.

So what about the oils? Well I got my blue paws on four oils (appropriate from Quadrivium), Banishing, Love Drawing, Steady Work, and Money Drawing. When I opened my first bottle I was struck by the smell, it was something fresh, and complex, and I couldn’t place it at first, but the word I want to use is real. Back when I was toying around with oils years back it took me a while to realize that some oils are oils, others are plastic essentially. Quadrivium oils aren’t made from synthetic oils, but real herbs and oils. The proof is in every bottle, each bottle has a left-over, or a curio from the crafting process, some of the materia is in the oil. Not just a nice reminder that it is real, to me that’s a great choice as the materia itself is part of the root of the power of the magick, so keeping it in the oil makes sense to me. Reading through the Quadrivium blog you can easily see how important the use of real ingredients is to the owner, and really it’s a dedication that I appreciate in my magickal supplies.

Each bottle comes with a handy information card explaining the purpose of the oil, some of the details of ingredients and consecration, and a link to the site for more information on using the oil. The information on the site is of great use, some oils and applications are straight forward, others are more obscure, and it’s always nice to see the suggestion of someone else (especially the creator) on how to use the oils effectively.

Solid information, and beautiful scents are nice and all, but when I get something for a magickal purpose there is one thing I’m looking for above all; results. So far from my tests with the oils, I’d have to say the results are good. I planned on testing Love Drawing on a quick visit to a club, more to gauge reactions than seeking something. Sadly my experiment was interrupted as I stopped by at a friend’s house on the way, and the latent tension of our relationship kinda surfaced. Interrupted experiment, but a good result. When I was going to try a candle experiment with the oil my phone rang, considering the person on the other end rarely calls I answered it assuming emergency (nothing that bad), but in the process got oil on my phone. I forgot when I got my smartphone nine months ago I putting any dating apps on them, cause they’ve been dead, suddenly I was getting messages on two apps I couldn’t even remember how to navigate it had been so long. Again, not the expected outcome, but I’d tally that up as a good result. I used Steady Work in a working with a client to get them a job, and while they don’t have a job yet, they’re in contract negotiations, which considering they’ve had less than five interviews in the last 18 months, seems like it is a good start. So far my experiments are showing something is going, results, I approve.

If you’re looking for ritual oils, I cannot recommend Quadrivium Oils enough. Hand-crafted, real ingredients, astrological elections, and a passionate creator, you don’t need anything more in quality supplies. Even if you’ve had bad luck with oils (I know I did) I’d recommend giving these a try, the difference in quality might surprise you and change your mind. All the information is on the site for where to buy the oils in person or online.


3 Responses to Review: Quadrivium Oils

  1. […] The Blue Flame Magick blog has a quite positive review of hir experience with Quadrivium Oils, but even nicer things to say about the feel of a real oil versus a synthetic oil. Read the entry here! […]

  2. Thanks for the review of Quadrivium oils. I’m in the process of learning how to brew spagyric tinctures from the procedures in Robert Bartlett’s Real Alchemy book, and it’s nice to know that there’s a real difference in effectiveness between oils and tinctures brewed from real herbs, and the essential oils. My essential oils admixtures sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

    • Kalagni says:

      Not a problem, glad you got something from it. A trouble I’ve found is some places sell synthetic oils as essential oils, or under a name that isn’t synthetic, but is misleading enough to make you think it’s real. I’ll have to check out the book now, as off and on I’m trying to figure out similar things for myself.

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