Blue Flame Magick Supplies Is Live

Read the whole article to find out how you could win a free pendant!

I’m happy to finally announce that Blue Flame Magick Supplies is now live on etsy. Blue Flame Magick Supplies offers ritual tools, blessed items, ritual supplies, and magickal services drawing their inspiration from Vajrayana Buddhism (Tantric Buddhism) and Western Ceremonial Magick. I plan on using it to sell the items I make as part of my practice, items I make for my practice, and assorted stuff I find handy and interesting to use.

I’ve made and consecrated a ridiculous amount of malas for various purposes, spirit work, wealth work, and elemental focuses mainly for now. I like malas what can I say, I find them really useful tools. For practice and experiment purposes all the malas I made have been consecrated with various unique rituals and mantras.

Also I’ve put up my Machik Labdrön (Chöd) pendants, and my Medicine Buddha pendants. These were created and consecrated over months of my daily practice, so unlike the malas these are a limited due to the time it takes to make them. (The Machik Labdrön pendants were over six months of daily rituals)

One of the requirements that was put on me for creating these pendants as part of my practice is the fact that two from each “batch” have to be given away. One goes to someone who I think needs it, the other goes to someone random. For the Medicine Buddha pendants the random person will be selected from those who asked for assistance on twitter when I was working on consecrating the pendants. But the Machik Labdrön (Chöd) pendants I’m going to be giving away through my blog and twitter. Just tweet at me, comment here, email me, whatever, just get in contact with me say you want into the raffle, and I’ll put you down for it. On Monday I’ll draw to see who gets the pendants. That’s it, you don’t need to do anything other than say you want in.

So what do these Machik Labdrön pendants do? Complicated, read the full description for more details, but basically they work to remove obstacles in your life and to repay karmic debts. They satisfying karmic debtors, and purify past transgressions. When there are obstacles in the way of your life (especially chronic ones), these pendants work to alleviate that. They do a lot more, but chöd is a complex practice and really hard to explain outside of Buddhist jargon and concisely. Any questions feel free to ask. As a side note, I was unable to find anyone who makes pendants of Machik, so not only are these consecrated me, I made these pendants myself.

I’ll blog when I put up new stuff (or several things), so please check out the store, share, spread, buy stuff, help support my dharma practice and magickal work.


6 Responses to Blue Flame Magick Supplies Is Live

  1. Harry says:

    Consider myself interested! Obstacle removal and uncrossing work seems to be the theme of my magic of late.

  2. Nemesis says:

    Gotta give’m away eh? I’ll bite. Drop my name is the hat please.

  3. ostarita says:

    I am finding your blog quite interesting and helpful. Please drop my name in hat as well.

  4. Gwennie says:

    Please enter me for the raffle, I’ve been fascinated by these pendants of yours since I first saw you mention them on twitter.

  5. Jason says:

    I just received my order from Kalagni, shipped to the U.S.. For anyone who wonders, I found Kalagni to be a good seller, and responsive to my questions about the order. My order was shipped within the timeframe per Kalagni’s etsy store policy. The etsy purchase process was painless.

    I’d have to spend time with the items before I could tell you how they work for me, of course. 🙂 This comment is intended to share my experience with the purchase process, in hopes that others will feel comfortable ordering.

    Also — this is the first time I’ve ordered “artisan magical objects” made by someone else, and I’m happy to support an independent like Kalagni. The problem is that I am tempted to order more goodies instead of making my own. 😀

  6. […] at their destinations and I’m enjoying some of the immediate feedback. As mentioned in the the post announcing the store two of each pendant I consecrate have to be given away, one to someone who I think needs it, and […]

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