Wednesday Webshare: Zombies, Tombs, and Temples

Need help predicting how to survive the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse? Try the Zombie Apocalypse Tarot for advice.

As someone who performs a fair amount of magick in cemeteries, and often leaves offerings I enjoyed reading What’s Buried in that Graveyard another great post from the Cemetery Traveler

For the more artistic I want to share this beautiful painting The Conjurer of a magickian conjuring demons according to the Solomonic tradition, the attention to detail is delightful, I’m ordering a print soon.

Hrafn over at Weaving Wyrd wrote a good article about The Okay Plateau and the Occult and it’s worth considering what to do when we get to that plateau and can’t seem to get past it.

Sometimes you need a smack to get your head back in the game, sometimes you need drivel. Taking buzzwords from the drivel advice master and automating them gives up The Wisdom of Chopra, the random quote generator of Chopra-esque wisdom. And remember “Nature is the continuity of humble self-knowledge.”

In a Buddhist Temple in Malaysia the traditional ancestor tablets are being replaced with digital ones. Considering some of the views of technology, information, and cyber space held by some forms and practitioners of Buddhism, this makes sense, and is a neat step.

I’ve loved the idea of the John Dee opera since I first heard of it. While Gordon went to it, and gives us an awesome play by play, so jealous he could see it.


One Response to Wednesday Webshare: Zombies, Tombs, and Temples

  1. ~ Robin says:

    Sadly, looks like the original author, Alan Moore, only wrote one third of the script using his concept for ‘an opera about magic, and if … an opera about magic, it would have to be alchemy, as opera springs out of alchemy.’:
    With Moore’s knowledge and background I’ve got to wonder what the rest of his script looked like and went in to ……

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