Blue Flame Magick Supplies Sale, and the Turning of the Wheel

I have a real post, but this is a spur of the moment interruption to our regular programming.

Today is Chökhor Düchen, a Buddhist holiday*, it is also the day marking my etsy shop being open for a month. It’s been an odd month. Some of my items sold better than expected (like my Chthonic Malas selling out in days, need to find another good astrological window to make more), and some of my items not selling nearly as well as expected. There are still more products in the wings to be uploaded, but one step at a time. Anyways, I wanted to thank every one who has bought anything from the store and the feedback you’ve offered has been wonderful, thank you, and I’d like to thank everyone who helped spread the word and introduced my shop to others.

As a celebration and thank you, I have the sudden inspiration for a flash sale. So until tomorrow at noon (EST) if you enter CHDU2012 (for Chökhor Düchen 2012) as the coupon at check out, you can get 10% off. Really it would be better to do it just for the day, but considering the day is half over and I just thought of it I’ll let this run until noon tomorrow.

Blue Flame Magick Supplies: 10% off until July 24th 1200EST with the coupon code CHDU2012 Thanks again

*Chökhor Düchen is the first turning of the Wheel of Dharma. After the Buddha became Enlightened he didn’t teach. Eventually Brahma and Indra encouraged him to share what he had learned for the well far of all sentient beings, so today is celebrated as the first day the Buddha taught. Positive and Negative actions are considered multiplied today. (I have issues with most multiplier days, but it is part of the tradition.)


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