Wednesday Webshares: Spirits, Temples, and Titles

Have you missed an episode of Occult Spectrum, the radio show my friend Jackie and I host? Well I just set up an archive so you can go back and listen to the old episodes.

9 Sacred Sites You Won’t Believe Exist I would love to go to the Hanging Monastery at some point.

Naya over at The Silver Spiral has been writing up an awesome storm. I don’t know what to recommend, but I suggest looking over her recent I Believe In Otherkin and Body Shame: Not my Virtue. One looks at the notion of Otherkin, and the other about modern Western society’s emphasis on shaming the body, particularly the bodies of women.

In Dharmasala, based on the insistence of the Dalai Lama, the education of monks now includes modern sciences in some depth. Your move Vatican. For a while the monks have studied physics, but this is just adding even more depth to their studies.

Moloch gives a great rant on the nature of spirits and divinity. Forging relationships, understanding their nature, and limitations.

Another great talk on spirits, this time from Scylla.

Scylla gives a run down on titles and initiations, what they do and don’t mean, and why a lot of people are doing them wrong.

A member of Japan’s Olympic equestrian team is a Buddhist Monk. I could make more horse-Buddhist jokes if he were Tibetan.

Sorry to continue with the Buddhist stuff, but as the Buddha himself said “One good turn deserves another.” He didn’t say that? Well if you’re like me and always seeing quotes from Buddha (generally on inspirational or artistic images) and aren’t sure if they’re true, check out Fake Buddha Quotes and see if it is mentioned. I’ve busted several on my twitter and facebook with this already.

A young Buddhist tulku is giving up monastic life to produce videos. This is actually a really awesome and insightful article. More and more tulkus are doing just this and it is interesting to see the hows and the whys of it. If the notion of tulkus leaving the monasteries intrigues you, check out the documentary Tulku by Gesar Mukpo the son of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

An article on the importance of words as magick in Ancient Judaism

Last but not least. America’s Best Christian explains YHWH’s view on abortion for the rest of us


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