Skrying the Tree – Challenges – Tzamaron

Fear not, the next entry has essentially no story element

So my experiment was moving along at a quick pace, and confirmations through divination, visions, gematria, and the evocations of others all seemed to say I was actually getting somewhere with it. At this rate I figured I could finish in just over two months.

I was still unemployed, but neither Sh’miral or Clarshitel were really the type of Angel to help with that, but next on my journey was the Sphere of Mercury. I set up the same way as before, appropriate amount and colours of candles, incense, music, with the glyph of Mercury drawn on my skrying mirror. Remembering my lesson last time I called on Sh’miral and he escorted me up through Timarin, the Lunar Sphere, and from there directed me into the dark toward the Mercury Sphere. I felt like I travelled for ages, and nothing happened, so I forced a door to appear, a brass octagon with an orange shimmering glyph of Mercury on it. I knocked, once, thrice, thrice, once, and the door opened. Darkness there, and nothing more. Trying everything to produce light, or someone to talk to all failed. So I returned to myself, and tried two days later. Different experience, but the same result, nothing. I even tried my original method, using the Qabalistic Angel to make contact, and “jump” from there. To no success.

His seal made by drawing his Name on the Qamea of Mercury

I was alright financially, but knew money would get tight if something didn’t happen soon, and something did. A friend of a friend told me about a company that hires folks for high-priority document delivery in Toronto, mainly downtown between bankers and lawyers. I applied, and all I needed was a bus pass and I was good to go. It was a tough job, far tougher than I expected. Even though you bussed/subwayed everywhere I still walked on average 22km a day (14 miles), it was a long day of 9-5 without any real break, cause each delivery was more money so you never wanted to stop. The pay was crap, technically illegally low but they used a loophole. It was the type of job where I’d get home at dinner, eat, and collapse, sometimes I’d wake up and do something at night, othertimes I slept through to the next day. I did this job for a month, and I was so tired and busy with it I never got around to trying to skry again. Finally there was a holiday giving me the Friday off so I decided to try again.

His Seal linked with the Glyph of Mercury

I set up all the props, and dove into the mirror escorted by Sh’miral, who seemed happier than last time, maybe he was just trying to cheer me up. When I shot through the dark to Mercury I quickly felt reality “thicken” and I called forth the octagonal brass door. I knocked, and it opened. It was a garden, flowers (mainly orange) hung on everything, birds and bees flew around rapidly, there was a buzz, a sense that everything was moving. I called for the Angel of the place to meet me, and a voice from behind, with a very strange accent, caught my attention. I turned and was facing the Angel, who was a light-skinned young man in an orange, blue, and black suit. I’d say he was the most human Angel on my trip so far, except his hair-style was that of the Centauri from Babylon 5. We talked, I asked the usual questions for the Names, and I got them. Then I asked a month old question. “Why couldn’t I find you before?” “Little one, all is a machine, a cog cannot demand for the gears to turn as it wishes, it must wait until the right time to revolve. The Earth and Moon are close to you, but I am farther, you couldn’t just come to me, you weren’t ready, you had to immerse yourself in my qualities, live a Kirahlian (Mercurial) life for a time. Only then could you come here.” I asked how I did that, I haven’t had time in the month of the hell job. A smirk grew across his face “I am a great many things, but I am Communication, Messages, and Commerce. For the last month you have been a Messenger between bankers, and businesses. You were the winged messenger flying across your city’s financial heart, keeping it beating. You lived in my Sphere, bankers, messages, communication, as well as deceit and trickery in many of your packages. It was only when you had lived in my Sphere in your life, could you come to my Sphere here.”

It hadn’t hit me that I was a messenger, or how Mercurial my job was. I respectfully asked though if I could be “released” from that Sphere, as the job was horrible. He told me to carry a resume with me that week, that I had prayed over, and he would find me another job appropriate to him, something fun, intelligent, and that I would love. I went to work that week, eyes open, knowing for sure if he was legitimate I’d know the opportunity when I saw it. Wednesday, Day of Mercury, I was sent out to my area of the city, first time that far east, to the mall. On the way back from the delivery I passed one of my favourite stores “Mind Games” and while there was no hiring sign, I walked in, and asked if they were hiring. Not at that location, but another one, but they’d fax my resume. I left it there. On Friday, Day of Venus, I got a phone call, Monday was an interview, Wednesday the following week I was hired. In a week and a half from my conversation with my Mercurial Angel, I had gone from a job I hated as a messenger, to my favourite job working at a store selling board games, science kits, brain teasers, and educational games.

Gematria again provided insight into the Names I was given, and friends confirmed the nature of the Angel. Ironically my Centauri was not the only sci-fiction appearance he has taken, someone else saw him as a Ferengi, with all the Mercurial traits one would expect.

His Seal revealed years later

The name of the Angel is Tzamaron, the “tza” is an odd sound, between a sha, ta, and za. It’s sharp and harsh, almost like a quick snake hiss followed by “ah.” His name has the same value as Tongues, and Tziruph. Tongues are the organ of language, ruled by Mercury. Tziruph is a way of encoding or decoding something in Hebrew by a simple substitution cipher, something that is also very Mercurial.

Kirahl is the Sphere of Mercury. I was given three spellings for that Sphere, a true one, and two to illustrate the point. The true spelling is the same value as “to use magick,” “sage,” “intelligences,” and “horns.” All very Mercurial in their nature. The other spellings had the same value as “words” and as “Enoch” the scribe of Heaven. To further test it, I tried another spelling that would still work in Hebrew, but the value was boundary, and I had trouble linking that, I couldn’t just make up gemantric values and have them work.

The Sheno are the Angelic order of this Sphere. Their name is the same value as thought, idea, and number.

Lastly the Godname to form and compel the forces of Kirahl is Phorahlin, pronounced for-Ah-lin. Without using a final nun, the Name equals “the teaching”, with the final nun, the Name equals cunning, and witchcraft.

Several weeks earlier I started this experiment and lost my job, with contacting Tzamaron my life shifted, I went from working a career that I largely enjoyed, to a job that I absolutely loved. I had confirmed Tzamaron’s integrity by vision and corresponding events in my life, then later on with other’s working with him. I also learnt that I couldn’t rush this initiatory experience. The Angels of the Spheres had their own plans for me, and I had to earn the right to visit them. I was humbled, it was not up to me, it was up to them, I had to be worthy to progress, I had to live their Spheres and earn my access.

As with all the Angels, especially the planetary ones, I have a very short “prayer” I use to call on Tzamaron, though its effectiveness is more reliant on our relationship than the power in the words. Every Wednesday when I give him my daily offering I say “Hail unto Tzamaron, ruler of Kirahl, leader of the Sheno, in the Name of Phoralin I call you here, and ask that you work with me, and walk with me.”


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