Wednesday Webshare: Ghosts, Gnostics, and God-Fights

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (formerly known as the Neon Lama) answers some questions from students about ghosts from a Vajrayana Buddhist perspective.

Speaking of ghosts, are you dead and lonely? Do you want someone to fill your nights with long walks through walls? Then check out Ghost Singles, where you can find the love of your life…so to speak.

Having trouble believing in your magick? Maybe that’s cause it doesn’t take long enough? People are more likely to believe in spells that take longer.

Help out the Occult Guide by listing occult places of interest (My bedroom isn’t marked oddly enough)

There is a Noah movie coming up (I didn’t know either, the drunk scene at the end has me worried) and it’s going to include giant Angels called the Watchers, and as someone a fan of the Watcher myths, this has me intrigued.

Since I know some readers will find interest in this, Polyphanes from Digital Ambler gave a run-down on a lot of books on geomancy if you’re trying to figure out what to start with, or if that book is worth getting.

An interesting look at Judaisms (yes plular) and their view of demons.

Ebay cans the sales of spells and potions and divinations. It’s a move I’m torn about. On one hand have you read 95% of the magick listings on ebays, super-powerful-haunted items to kill friends and give you that good ass? On the other hand the day before I started listing stuff on ebay. (Though for readers I say stick with my etsy) My stuff is in an odd place, cause it’s physical craft items, just with stuff done to it.

Smite (or SMITE?) is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game where you play as Gods from diverse pantheons battling each other. I must admit any game where I can play Kali and kill Ra, Zeus, or Odin is a winner in my book. (Since it took me a while to track down, this is the current system requirements for the game but as it is still in beta this may change. If I get a beta key, or when they game comes out, I’ll share my profile information so I can slaughter my blog readers)

Looking to integrate spirituality and technology? A comic on why Siri shouldn’t be your psychopomp. Though in Siri’s defense a lot of Tibetan words are tricky

Looking for a non-threatening Thelemic icon for your desk at work? How about Hello Kitty Aleister Crowley?

Marvin Meyer, a Biblical and Gnostic scholar and translator died last week at the age of 64. I have several of his translations and enjoyed them, and the understanding and passion he put into them.

To counter that downer; a short four minute film on a young demon conjurer. I appreciate the fairly authentic seals, also Demon Summoning for Kids really is a book idea I should get working on… how intelligible should a child’s speech be before you start teaching them conjuration?


5 Responses to Wednesday Webshare: Ghosts, Gnostics, and God-Fights

  1. Gordon says:

    Hmm. I like that i09 article. Makes a lot of sense to me.

    • Kalagni says:

      It made me think how rituals in Vajrayana get longer the farther away from the source they are. The masters shout and it is done, but then students get a 5 minute long ritual, which becomes 15, which becomes 30, which becomes daily practice. As if each step needs more convincing that it works.

  2. ostarita says:

    Great film clip.

  3. Harry says:

    I have a friend who was on the dev team of SMITE as an environment artist. Perhaps I can leverage a key from him? I don’t have a system that can run it.

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