Skrying the Tree – Temptations – Milara

After making contact with Tzamaron and being “freed” from my job as a messenger I began working my first, and only, retail job. It seemed so odd to most people (myself included) I went from being a social worker with a fairly good name in my niche areas (geographic region of the city, as well as known for teaching about Intersexed individuals, transsexual/transgendered people, and queer issues, as well as safer sex) to working a job a bit above minimum wage in the biggest mall in the province.

It was odd, but it was oddly perfect too. I’m a big geek, and here I was working at a store selling board games, where I got huge discounts on board games, and I worked on a great team. I’ve never made friends with co-workers save at that job, we just clicked, and years later I’m still friends with a few. It was a place, and a job, that I loved. So it was obvious to me that Tzamaron had helped me shift into the realm of Venus, friends, passion, fun, it was clear. Even still it took me a while to get around to skrying cause I was just enjoying myself too much and so busy with life.

Her Seal drawn on the Qamea of Venus

I set up my temple, again candles, incense, music, glyph on the mirror. Calling to Sh’miral the way was open and I climbed the Tree until I reached through the vastness to the Sphere of Venus. When I felt it present I called for a door, a copper heptagon door appeared* with a shimmering green glyph of Venus on it, like a heat mirage. I knocked, thrice, once, thrice, and the door opened.

*Someone asked what the doors were against, what they opened into. The answer is nothing, the door stood alone in space, and could be moved around, but it opened into the Sphere.

I found myself standing on a balcony of a house on a cliff face overlooking a sea. Without having to call I heard the clicking of shoes (high-heels?) on the stone behind me. Turning around, no, not high-heels, bird claws. The Angel before me was hybrid, bird-like lower legs, human torso, wings instead of arms, and an Eagle head. Her voice was melodic and quite human though. She introduced herself as Milara. I expressed confusion over her appearance, as at that time I associated Venus with Earth. “All of us are all Elements, but when compared to others one shines clearer. Compared to my Sister (Clarshitel) I am Earthy, but compared to one yet to be found I am mist in the air.” After some discussion on that she explained Her place. “I rule from on high, the ways of the windy mountain are mine, I am the highest Sphere on this level, to reach beyond me is a great leap. The lower Spheres I watch over, and the higher Spheres I join.”

Combined with the Glyph

Milara the Angel has the same value as high and lofty, appropriate to me for a bird-like angel ruling from a mountain top. Her name also has the same value as branch/tree and praise, which mean nothing on their own, but connect to other Names.

The Name of Her Sphere is Feonin and shares the same value prosperity/fertility (an Aspect of Venus’s Sphere), shout, and rejoicing. Shout and rejoicing seem to link to praise, forming a theme almost between the Names.

The Order of Angels under Her rule are the Chilmarit which gematrically links to breeding, and offspring, a very Venusian link, as well as sprouts or buds, which forms an interesting link back to Milara as a branch/tree.

Her Seal as revealed years later, the base still confuses me

Lastly the God Name that gives Form to these powers is Shero which enumerates the same as Taurus the Bull and the Fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus, the Pillar of Mercy which is the Pillar on which Venus rests. It also equals topmost, echoing Milara’s description of Her position with the lower Spheres. Lastly it equals Asherah, which is a complicated word. Asherah is form of the Name Astarte or Ishtar, Mesopotamian Goddess of fertility, sexuality, and war, who also was represented by none other than Venus. Asherah though was also the early partner for El/YHWH before His cult became Henotheistic, and later Monotheistic. Asherah continued to be represented in early temples of His cult by a single tree or wooden pillar, another interesting link to the tree/branch/bud imagery of the Names. (Note: At the time I didn’t know about Asherah, I learned about that in University which is yet to come in this story)

So firmly in the Sphere of Venus, enjoying my life, having fun, and fairly carefree. Good job, good friends, lots of board games. Surely there is no problem with this…


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