Skrying the Tree – Helper – Miniset

This has been hard to write. In part cause of school devouring my time, but also no entry does this time of my life justice, so I’ll be talking in broad strokes this time.

Life was good. Everything hit this groove, it almost felt like a routine in that it was so easy, but it wasn’t routine, it wasn’t rote, it was vibrant. Every area of my life was flowing awesomely, making great money and having a great time at work, magickal/spiritual stuff was flowing, friendships and relationships were active and fun without any concerns, painting and playing up a storm. I was full of energy and it felt like everything I touched turned to gold, everything was going perfect. I thought now was a good time to try skrying, if everything else was effortless hopefully I’d get the right spirit first time around.

Temple set up, Morgenstimmung playing, candles set up, copal burning, and into the mirror I went. Sh’miral opened the gates, Clarshitel passed me on, and I was whirling through the dark to the Sphere of the Sun. With a soundless gong I knew I was where I should be, and I called the door, hexagon and golden with a shining yellow Sun glyph blazing on it. I knocked thrice, and thrice again and the door opened.

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of the Sun

An idyllic scene opened before me, emerald grass, gentle breeze, beautiful trees. I walked in and called for the spirit, and felt drawn to a group of trees. One tree had a strangely golden trunk so I approached it, only to realize it wasn’t the trunk that was golden, but a golden serpent was twisted around it several times, so you couldn’t tell if twisting up or down. It tilted its head side-to-side watching me.

“I wondered when you’d arrive. It was an easy journey, yes? Have you been enjoying yourself?” “Enjoying myself?” Up close I could clearly see the scales, as if they were inked black on the edge of the gold. “Friends, money, art, insight, passion, you’ve had a very productive few weeks.” “Are you trying to tell me that was you?” “Of course, what else could it have been? I have been providing for you. When you’re in my Sphere the world is laid before you, being in your place here means nothing interferes with your way. I am the Sun, the Light of the Highest passes through me into the World, and those of the World reach up into the Highest through me. I am the Light, and the Reflection of the Light.”

Eir Seal combined four times over the Sun. While harder to draw I prefer aesthetically this to the Revealed Seal below.

I was really bothered by this interaction, part of the message, part how it was told; I didn’t like the idea of this spirit claiming that everything awesome in the preceding weeks was just em showing itself to me. I got the names, and I confirmed them via the gematria. I don’t know why but I still didn’t trust em, so I went back to eir realm, and asked for the names again, and I was given the same names. I tried placing the Sun glyph on eir head and it just sank in, I placed a Gimel on em and it disappeared, and I tried Roaring Solar Names and ey had no reaction. Like it or not, ey were who they claimed, and I did have em to thank.

The Angel identified emself as Miniset, which has the same value as King which is appropriate, and a title of Tiphereth, as well as Gate a title of Malkuth. Dropping a vowel in another spelling has the name equal Master, and Malkuth. Malkuth is important here, as in my take on the Tree all the centre Spheres are reflections.

The Sphere ey rule is Shaal which enumerates to “to which the angel is guided” and Pearl a title of Malkuth again, also “to ascend” (a very Tiphareth notion). Dropping the vowel again gives Master, and Abramelin. Abramelin is interesting as on the Tree schema accomplishing the Abramelin ritual is of the Tiphereth Sphere.

The Order Miniset rules is the Formin which equals Peace and Kether. Kether is important for the same was Malkuth was, the middle Spheres are reflections. If the vowel is dropped from Formin the value becomes Creation, Perfect, and Yesod.

Lastly the God name that shapes it all is Hemian which has the same value as Aleph, Aum, “The Hidden Wonder” a title of Kether, the Intelligence of Sol, and the sum of the Magic Square of the Sun.

Eir Seal revealed years later. Interesting geometry.

Master, and connection to Malkuth/Yesod/Kether –the middle spheres– seemed to be the theme of the Names, and again with Miniset others have confirmed eir nature. My life went back to normal after this meeting and when I asked Miniset why ey left me I was told “No one can live in the Sphere of the Sun, until they are the Sun themself, they would be burnt.” While it made sense, it was an answer (like most of Miniset’s) that bothered me, but time and time again ey have proven to be a great ally. In fact Miniset tends to be one of my most frequently called upon Angels. Like all the other Planetary Angels, Miniset gets a special prayer and offering once a week, these short prayers are always what I use to start any evocation of the Angel or use of their power (like blessing a honey jar).

Hail to thee Miniset, Ruler of Shaal, Master of the Formin, in the Name of Hemian I call you here and ask that you work with me and walk with me.


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