Birthdays, New Years, & Blackholes

Happy New Years! Don’t tell me it’s still two weeks away, for me the new year starts here and now. Today, Decemember 17th, 26° of Sagittarius, the day the Sun is Conjunct the Supermassive black hole in the centre of our galaxy, is my birthday. It’s a great day, it’s a holy day that sadly isn’t listed on most people’s calendars, but what greater day is there than the one which I was born on?

Want to talk about spiritual realities and miracles? That’s what birthdays are. To be very Sagan/Delenn/Hindu, I am the Cosmos. All of reality from that primordial chaos has led up to my existence, I’m a distillation of All-that-Is into a specific form. A changing form. The blue baby (I was dead and dark blue) that was born all those years ago is gone, not just grown up, but nothing of that child remains. Every cell and particle that made that child has been expelled and new ones absorbed. Same thing with that form that graduated high school, all gone, perhaps even all of the self that started University. It’s amazing, I am the result of billions of years of physical, chemical, biological, and spiritual evolution. Billions of years of likely and unlikely and nearly impossible events have all led to me. When you really, really think about that reality every day should be celebrated as a miracle, but the birthday perhaps above all.

Thermodynamic Miracles

My birthday starts my new year, or my transition into it, it’s never clear, but doesn’t matter much. Since my birthday is two weeks before New Years, and between them we have Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day and general winter break, it’s an odd time that’s somewhat removed from the rest of the year. So I celebrate myself through that period, and prepare for the new year to clearly start on the 1st. In this time I cease my strict adherence to my daily magickal practice, now is when I see if what I’m doing is still helpful, or just habit, and by the 1st I will have refined my daily practice. It’s something I recommend to everyone from time to time. I know it’s hard to break a habit, or resume if you stop your practice, but how much of your magickal daily practice is because you’ve been doing it that way for a while, does it serve you? Take a break, a week or two, and see how you feel without it.

Now I’m lucky to have an awesomely placed birthday for this, but again with all the holidays and events in the next two weeks it’s a good period for a lot of people to take this break. It’s also, because it’s this amorphous nebulous spot in the year, a great time for magick moving forward. Everyone knows I love the half-light, the between places, the twilight periods. It’s not quite this year, but it’s not next year, so now is the time to perform your magick to spread in the following year.

I have had a whirl-wind school year, and hopefully in my time off I’ll get some more blog posts written (thanks to those who asked, and sorry for those expecting the rest of the skrying posts) and book reviews done. But for now I celebrate. I’ve had one of my favourite comfort foods for breakfast, with cake, later I will have sushi, later I will have a baconado, but all day long I’m celebrating the miracle that is me. (And if you want to celebrate me too, go right ahead, I suggest many blue things, cheese and bacon, and nag champa incense as traditional parts of the festivities.)

Happy birthday! May this day be filled with copious amounts of bacon, cheese, and blue awesomeness.


6 Responses to Birthdays, New Years, & Blackholes

  1. Cootie says:

    Lovely! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! May your time of celebration of your current incarnation be magical.

  3. John says:

    Happy Birthday!

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