Skrying the Tree – Death and Rebirth – Sharama

kalstreeSeveral weeks after the high of Miniset things settled into a funk. As I mentioned things went awesomely with Miniset and then that stopped. Life was normal, but after that period it seemed negative. Like being in the sunlight (appropriately) and coming inside, it may still be bright inside, but it seems dark at first in comparison. This was the only time I thought about consciously creating the atmosphere of the planet I was approaching; here I was in a funk, and I needed Mars; strength, vitality, and force.

It wasn’t hard, I just tossed myself into my life, I cast of the expectation of what I just passed through and took things as they went. After a week or so I was feeling normal and vibrant and then decided to toss myself into the next stage of my skrying, and this was my favourite experience of the experiment.

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Mars

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Mars

Temple was set, the dragon’s blood smoke filling the air, five red candles surrounding me, I entered my trance, and was flying through the Outer/Inner/Spirit Space toward the Sphere of Mars. It took a while, but I thought I had arrived, so I called forth the door, a pentagon of iron with a red Mars glyph burning on it. I knocked, knocked thrice, and knocked again. The door opened to a rolling sea of sand, red gold burning in an omnipresent hot light, no sun, but radiance. I stepped onto the hot sand, stretching out as far as the eye could see, I saw neither buildings nor distinctive markers, so I called to the spirit, I felt nothing clear, so I decided to trust myself and walk. As I climbed a dune I could hear a deep thumping resonating in my chest, like the chugging of a train. As I reached the top of the hill of sand I realized it wasn’t a train, but a ship, an airship, more specifically, a Doomship. If you got that reference, yes you read right, I was facing a Doomship from Super Mario 3. (I swear I was only burning dragon’s blood, please remember that as you continue to read.)

When in Rome…so as the ship flew over I climbed the anchor chain up to the deck. I approached the cabin at the end of the ship, thankfully unlike the ones in the game I didn’t have to dodge bullets and flamethrowers, the mounts and barrels were there, but inactive. I opened the door and was confronted by a lizard man, reminiscent of a Boomerang Brother, but more reptilian and lean. He gave me a set of Names, I left, and began the fun long process of writing them out, adding up the gematria, then comparing the values of the Names. When I first started this experiment, I didn’t expect to verify via gematria, but since I started it had proven itself a valuable tool, Names had an internal consistency and related to the Sphere I was addressing. Yet, here I had four Names that didn’t link to each other at all, and didn’t relate to Mars. This was a completely false encounter, fascinating and different. In an odd way it was reassuring to see that it could happen, that not all Name/Values would fit.

Eir seal linked with the Martial Glyph

Eir seal linked with the Martial Glyph

The temple was still active and alive, so I settled in, and found myself in the desert once more. Boarding the ship I went to the cabin and confronted the spirit. He mocked me, threatened me, said I would not find what I was looking for, and he wouldn’t help. I don’t know what inspired but I reached out with my mind and bound him in writhing iron chains. He didn’t give up “You can trap me, but I will outlast you.” Focusing again I reached out and channelled solar-fire through the chains. They burnt until they glowed, and finally the spirit said he’d escort me. The ship lurched and changed its heading toward a large grey stone castle. When we were over the castle I climbed down the anchor and entered the main chamber. Prepare your laugh or facepalms now. Standing before me in the dark red chamber was Bowser, not quite as he appears in the game, but a figure much like Bowser, except flames burnt on his shell rather than spikes, and the face was more elongated like an alligator. He explained that the spirit before was just a servant acting above his place. He gave me the Names and all four checked out. Since then while he still appears similarly, there is less Bowser and more dinosaur/dragon to him, also despite what I’m saying ey tend to appear less male and more beyond sex/gender.

Eir seal revealed years later.

Eir seal revealed years later. One of my favourite seals.

So the Angel of Mars Named emself as Sharama which has the same value as Guard, and Watchmen. All fairly Martial concepts. (My notes also say loins, but I when double checking my books I couldn’t find a matching entry for loins)

The Sphere ey rule is Sixmaraan having the same value as rank, as in the sense of the military ranking, and the phrase “to be strong and brave”.

The Spirits of the realm, including the one I encountered on the ship are the Charaam which equals Spear.

Lastly the Godname that gives Form and Power is Gerabba which is the same value of Sword.

Guard, (military) rank, spear, and sword. As always the Names and identity have been confirmed by others. I tend to treat spirits with respect and am not a fan of having to exercise force against them unless needed. So my treatment of the Charaam I encountered, binding him in chains and running fire through them, is uncharacteristic, but I think considering I was in the Force of Mars it isn’t completely unexpected. And as always there is a simple prayer I use when calling Sharama on Tuesdays or at the beginning of a Martial working.

Hail to thee Sharama, Ruler of the Sixmaran, General of the Charaam, in the Name of Gerabba I call to you here and ask that you work with me and walk with me.


4 Responses to Skrying the Tree – Death and Rebirth – Sharama

  1. Gordon says:

    Niiiiiiiice post, sir.

  2. Castro says:

    Thoroughly enjoying your blog. Is the “ch” in charaam as in cheese or candy .T.I.A

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