Sigil-Fields – Sigils like Onions…or Cakes…

Cakes have layers too.

With the new year I felt inspired to zero-out and restart my Sigil-field, it’s been stagnant for a few months, edging up to a year, and I thought it needed some fresh life. The Sigil-field is something really simplistic in theory, and even simpler in application. It’s based on the Spare theory of repression mixed with the energy model of sigils as modifiers. The Sigil-field uses a more passive method of sigil repression, I’ve termed it Non-Attentive Sigils and you can read about it here but basically it’s the idea that a sigil can be repressed by repeated exposure in a way that doesn’t heavily draw our attention. In the same way we ignore advertisement posters we’ve seen all the time, but they still settle themselves into our brains. (And rereading that post I realize I really need to clean my room)

A Sigil-Field is a canvas that sigils are painted on, repeatedly over each other, slowly absorbing and obscuring each other. As the sigils are submerged by other sigils they’re slowly taken away from consciousness and become part of the underlying pattern of your world. Part of the beauty of the Sigil-field is how one symbol of desire obscures another, but more so how they begin to interconnect as they mix and hide. The idea is by having them on the painting they slowly work their way into your subconscious, like the repression, but in a slow, gradual, gentle way. Then as they are no longer needed, or have thoroughly incorporated themselves into the subconscious they get painted over. All the sigils become one, painted over and mixing with each other.

This is how the Sigil-Field restarted early January

This is how the Sigil-Field started

My Sigil-field is also created with the energy model of sigils in mind as well, that passing energy into or through a sigil strengthens it. To incorporate this, the base layer of my Sigil-field, and any other layer when I feel it needs a top-up, is charged and consecrated with my personal fluids, in the fun way that only ecstatic magickians do. While not very often sometimes I will just place my hands on it and run energy through it, that makes for an interesting experience. I find much like when I’m doing energy healing I start sensing areas in the Sigil-field that are higher in energy, or lower in energy, or blocked, generally centred over a sigil, and I can use that to figure out what is or isn’t working. This isn’t totally required though, as everytime you look at it it gets a little, minuscule amount of energy, which over time builds up. As you spend time painting other sigils over it, that too adds another dosing of energy into the field.

Now because this relies on the Non-Attentive method of sigils you should generally pick goals that are either long term (getting a job when you graduate in a few months or whatever) or a goal that needs to be sustained (release from a chronic health problem, keeping an ex at bay). Finally it should be placed somewhere that you see several times a day. Hang it up like a piece art(e) and it is, mine hangs behind the head of my bed, so I see it from most places in my room, and whenever I’m getting into bed.


As an example, in a month of change, this is my current Sigil-Field, you can see part of a Goetic seal, and an abstract sigil is nearly completely obscured by another. Part of a mandala, and a script sigil currently are on top, but they too will be buried and become another layer.


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