Skrying the Tree – Atonement – Unknown – Shetsin

kalstreeIt might not seem it by the way I’ve been discussing it, but remember these skrying experiments were over a long period of time, the final session was two years, two months, and two days after my first one. This is the second last one, and was roughly two years after the first. There had been several months since my experience with Konshal and my life didn’t feel like it was being influenced or in need of another force. I was on a self-imposed timeline though, in a few months I was planning on starting the Abramelin ritual, and I wanted to finish my skrying experiment before undertaking that working, so I pushed ahead, and this will also become relevant later.

I set up my temple, but I admit it’s harder than usual to do; this Sphere lacks as many correspondences that can really be grasped. I set out fifteen small candles, put some copal incense on the burner. I drew the circle with the new form Konshal had revealed to me, set up my mirror, and set out. I drifted in the darkness for a long time, never felt like I was going anywhere, never felt like I had arrived, I tried to form a door, but it would waver and vanish. I descended to speak with Konshal, who was standing on the cliff edge looking up. Ey explained ey only watch over the chasm, ey lead people to it, and help people as they return from it, but cannot help someone cross. So I descended to the Earth Sphere and found Sh’miral, and talked. Sh’miral, if you remember, is the opener of ways, the gatekeeper, the first and the last, the highest and the lowest. So I figured if Konshal couldn’t help from the edge ey stood on, perhaps Sh’miral could open the way.

“In time all these paths would be open for you to walk again, there is no need to run ahead.” I explained that I wanted this experiment done before I started the Abramelin, that I felt it wouldn’t be good to put this on hold and leave it “open” while doing the working. Sh’miral understood to a degree “Very well, the way will be made clear for you, not as you are used to, not as you’d like, but open nonetheless. Jump from the Tree and land in darkness. The ways will be open for you to continue this quest, but no more, you may get your answers and leave. Where you walk you are not ready for, beyond the Tree, beyond the Spheres of Form it is…different. Be wary.” I thanked him, went back to Ereen with Konshal, and went into the darkness.

I drifted for a time, unsure how it would be different, how I would know I had arrived. Suddenly I realized the dark had vanished, and I was floating in…I want to say grey, but it wasn’t grey, it was a lack of colour, a lack of light and dark. Not in a transcendent way, but an absent way, I have no way to describe it other than that. I tried to call a door, but again it wouldn’t form, on my third try I felt someone behind me. I turned, or thought I did, since everything was identical I couldn’t tell if I moved or not. “Is anyone out there?” And I knew there was, they didn’t respond, but I felt a positive response, a knowing of the answer. “Are you the spirit I seek? The ruler of this realm?” Again I just knew, though I got no response. I asked the names, and each time rather than being told, I knew, no communication, only knowledge. I thanked them, and descended and returned to my body to test the names.

The Angel’s Name was Shetsin which has the same value as covered in mist, and twilight, it also means hidden. Both of those related to my experience, but more importantly it also had the same value as “formless and void” via Bereshith. Which relates to the second Sphere.

The Sphere Shetsin rules is Kurrian, and what fascinated me is there is no corresponding entry for the value of that name in any of my Gematria books at the time, and it’s a prime number, so cannot be reduced for another interpretation that way. While not a pattern I expected to hold out, it is appropriate for the higher spheres.

The beings of this realm are called the Shellin which has the same value as “there is” and “there are” which as a simple expression of to be, or being, is appropriate in this Sphere.

Lastly the God Name that rules and shapes this Sphere is Kurasis. The “asis” part of the Name always comes across windy and hissy in my head, like a snake person who is out of breath. (Sorry I don’t know how else to explain it, this stuff is bizarre at times, deal) It has the same value as the three Mother letters, so Aleph, Mem, Shin, representing Air, Water, and Fire, the first division of the elements. It also has the same value as “the name” itself, literally the words the name, not the name referring to YHWH. It is also “image of God” which is exactly what the Sphere is in some interpretations. The Sphere above it is God, pure and undivided, but below is the Image, the first separation.

Quite some time later, after having completed the Abramelin I returned to Kurrian, and was able to perceive the realm, and Shetsin, but since that “ability” wasn’t granted to me until having completed the Abramelin working I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to share what I saw or learned. The same goes with the sigils. I never created the ones based on the Name, as I felt I didn’t need it, and it wouldn’t work right anyways (too abstract), and the sigil I was given again seems too personal, or to go the total magickal douchbag route they aren’t for those who “aren’t ready” or developed, or however you want to think about it. I can share the names though, if you can reach and commune that’s great, if not perhaps later on the ways will be open for you, keep Working.


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