Skrying the Tree – Return – Known – Saytaraan

kalstreeTwo years, two months, and two days after I started my skrying experiment, it came to an end with this session, after a lot of work it came time to explore my experience of the Tree’s equivalent to Kether. Again, it was more difficult to being as there are less correspondence for Kether, but I set twelve white candles around my circle, formed as Konshal taught me, copal on the charcoal, and I settled down in front of the mirror. I let myself float into the black triangle and began.

Having learned my lesson last time I formed the Seal of Sh’miral in my mind until I could make a door to his place and stepped through. I explained that I wanted the way open for me again, that I sought the very top of the Tree, but I needed help to enter that place. “I will grant you access briefly, so you may perform this task, but no more, this world is to be dark to you until you are ready. Remember on the edge sometimes you must seek the centre. The circumference is everywhere, and what is above is also below.” He started at me, and I felt I should ask about the mixing of Hermetic axioms, but I let it slide. I thanked him, and called the door to the between space I would travel to reach the upper Sphere.

I drifted in the dark upwards moving quickly in stillness until finally I felt I had reached my goal. I reached out for a door and a point of light appeared, it either grew nearer from the distance or simply grew in size, but larger and larger this single light in the dark became until it’s border was just about to touch me, and the moment it did I passed through it. I came out of the light into darkness, not the same dark as before, but deep dark, blackness beyond the darkest pitch, somehow connected to a sightlessness. I called out, and there was nothing, I don’t mean no response, but there was no noise, not externally, nor could I hear my voice in my head, I was deaf here. Since the last experience seemed to be more mental I directed my thoughts outward and called. Something brushed my foot and up my leg, looking down I could see nothing, not even my body, but my legs were wrapped around and pulled closer. This something moved up my legs wrapping around me, hips, stomach, chest, head. It was like a snake slithering over me, too fast for a real snake, but that’s the image it called up, and the slithering became faster it moves up and down and all across me. I tried grabbing it, but it evaded me, I tried speaking but had no voice, I tried thinking out at it and got no response. Alone in darkness this snake continued to crawl all over me.

I tried to think what to do, and considered leaving only to try again later, when I thought about Sh’miral’s cryptic conversation. The Centre of the Tree is the Sun sphere, and in the model of the Tree I work with the Sun is the Centre reflected Above into the Kether Sphere and below into the Lunar Sphere. (The same is true of the others those, so Kether reflects down into the others. Three sides of the same coin) I also remembered that that Miniset, the Spirit of the Sun Sphere was a snake. So I pulled myself out of this place, and travelled to the door of Shaal. Upon entering I saw Miniset coiled about the tree again. I explained my problem. “My Sibling speaks if you could but listen. I will accompany and bring my light to the dark.” Ey sprang from the tree shrinking in size flew into my mouth and down my throat, curling around my spine. “Let us fly” and Shaal vanished around us and we were in the dark travel space again. Same procedure as before until the light swallowed me and I was in that new dark sphere.

I thought out again and the crawling resumed. I asked my questions one by one, and as I did I felt them being reasked from inside me by Miniset, and through em the answers came, a voice from within my body speaking for a voice beyond me I couldn’t here. Eventually I got my names, and I thanked the spirit, returned Miniset to Shaal, and then brought myself back to my temple.

The name of the Angel was Saytaraan, which has the same value as tree, the four elemental letters, and Amen, which also turns out to be a title of Kether. So tree is a vague link I wouldn’t place stock in, but having the four elemental letters and a name of Kether make for a strong link between this Angel and Kether.

The Sphere itself is named Sheta which has the same value as boy. Boy seems odd, but right beside it is the mention that boy was the name/title used by Enoch/Metatron. So again with Metatron (either one) there is a strong link to Kether.

In Sheta the class of spirits are called the Coraf and their name has the same value as Shalom, also used as a name of Kether.

Lastly the Godname that shapes and binds this sphere is Eerah which has the same value as Holy, and Truth. It further enumerates to the notariqon of the Four Qabalistic worlds. While not as clearly linked as the others I felt it made a good case, especially considering how well the others matched.

As with my experience with Shetsin, once I had completed the Abramelin ritual I was able to return and actually perceive and communicate with Saytaraan. Eventually I received sigils from em, but as these came after my Abramelin experience I feel they’re inapprorpriate in some way to release, too personal. Feel free to attempt communication through the names, but in this case that’s all I will give.

It was an odd two years. I went from being unemployed and dangerously low on funds, through two jobs (one of which is still my favourite job I’ve had) to going to University, and then later being accepted into a fairly selective specialized degree program that is in line with the career I’ve wanted since grade two. Through this journey I’ve laid out step-by-step what I did and experienced for those curious, and I’ll make a cheat sheet post with some other information included when I get the time.


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