Thangka Very Much: Sale at Blue Flame Magick Supplies

I recently came across a new Tibetan shop in Toronto and much to my surprise and joy when I was inside I came across a thangka of Machik Labdrön. For those unfamiliar a thangka is a Buddhist religious painting, and Machik Labdrön is the found of chöd, my primary Buddhist practice.

machikthangkaFor three years I’ve looked for a thangka of her without any luck, I’ve found some online, but I’d rather be able to see it up close first, so I’m very happy that I found one. Thangkas of her are fairly uncommon, and this one is a bit more unusual than normal. Usually a thangka has protectors drawn on it at least, as well as a lineage depiction, this one doesn’t and it’s painted on a black background. Very beautiful.

Why am I rambling about this? Because I want it, but I can’t currently justify the cost. So in order to help fund it I’ve turned to my store: Blue Flame Magick Supplies and I’ve marked down all my consecrated pendants, anywhere from $10 to $20.
So if you’ve wanted a Machik pendant for clearing karmic obstacles, or a White Mahakala pendant for wealth and prosperity, or a Medicine Buddha pendant for healing then now would be a great time to pick them up while they’re on sale, plus it means you get to help fund my dharma practice.

So my stuff is on sale in order to help fund my purchase of a thangka of Machik, so now really is the time to pick up a pendant if you’ve been thinking about it. No idea how long they’ll be at these lower prices, so don’t wait too long. (And as always, a variety of premade, or custom malas are available.)


3 Responses to Thangka Very Much: Sale at Blue Flame Magick Supplies

  1. Vaul says:

    That is quite pretty; hope you make your goal quickly!

    Also, I don’t know if he managed to swing by at Gather and give his appreciation, but our boy ended up buying the quartz mala and he likes it very much.

    • Kalagni says:

      Thanks me too.

      He didn’t know, I saw my other three on the wrists of different folks, and I was wondering who ended up with the quartz one, glad he likes it.

  2. I was lucky in the late 80s to early 90s to have been able to buy a lot of thankas and rupas and other artifacts from the late Charles O’Hara Now i am older and ill and need to sell of a lot of stuff and started an eBay site on which i just started listing, and will list the thankas later. i am not writing here to advertise just to let you know in case you are interested in such things. I have a bunch of phurbas i am going to let go except for the ones Charles’ grandmother brought back from Kham many years ago.

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