I Missed All Of You. Except For You, You Smell Funny…

I live. What’s been happening in my life, and why hasn’t my blogging been a part of it?

A lot of bloggers apologize when they’ve been on hiatus, and promise they won’t do it again. I’m not going to do either because I can’t promise, life happens after all, and I don’t see why I should apologize for being a magickian.

In the past I talked about how the real measure of a magickian of any type should be their contentedness and progress, and I stand by that. So why haven’t I been blogging? Because I’ve been living. I’m entering my fifth year of University, and my two degrees have been keeping me very busy with a full course load that doesn’t stop for little things like weekends, the summer, and breathing. School has been devouring my life, and yes, while I wish I had more time to blog or do other things I’m not too troubled by the lack of blogging because I know pulling off top grades in every course, for two different degrees is a lot of work. This is all just a step toward getting a job I’ve wanted my entire life, and yes, even getting to here has been a magickal act, and going forward is one as well. So what is there to apologize for, I am doing what I want, I am happy in my education, I am steadily moving toward my goal. I am being a magickian.

One thing I don’t understand about magickians (and people in general) is those who complain about the process of getting what you want. If you’re going for a specific job or field you require the education (generally), so complaining about school is silly on several fronts, it achieves nothing (an occasional venting is fine), and if your other option is not going to school and not getting the job which would you prefer? I know I’m not the only person to say it, but the Great Work is Work, whether that is a lot of time dedicated to magickal pursuits, or the nitty-gritty Malkuthian down to Earth work it’s all part of the system and the path. So while I wish I had more time to blog…read…date…play video games…sleep…whatever, I’m enjoying school, I’m going towards my goal, and complaining would achieve nothing. That’s also why I don’t feel the need to apologize. Again, while I’d love to blog, it would seem silly to apologize that I’m not blogging about magick, because magick is getting me what I want and the time it requires reduces my time to blog.

So I’m still around, and I still read the blogs, and try to connect with folks on twitter, and I miss blogging/communicating, but that’s the extent of my spare time. So this isn’t a welcome back post, this isn’t a goodbye post, it’s a be patient, I will attend to the blog when I can.

Who knows, maybe the final year will see me with enough time to keep up with the blog again, but if not know it is because I am going the way of my wishes, and what more can a magickian ask for?


3 Responses to I Missed All Of You. Except For You, You Smell Funny…

  1. morgandrake says:

    It always amuses me when bloggers apologize for not blogging. I never apologize for my lengthy ignorings of my various blogs (I have a life which sometimes means no blogging time, and occasionally nothing important to say…or even remotely interesting). And having done two Bachelor degrees at the same time while blogging, I so understand not having the time. Keep working on the goal–the blog will still be here when you are done.

  2. Andrew says:

    The only thing to be said of course is this: welcome back!

    Of course, as a magician it’s not possible for me to say so little about anything. Even with the dictum to keep silent, it is very difficult to say nothing. 🙂 So of course I will add, that I am very pleased to see the way in which you reference your offline Work as being critical and important to meeting your wishes and will in the world. I always appreciate the ways in which magicians reference the necessity of limits, in order to accomplish goals. Only the unenlightened, or the typical new ager refuses to acknowledge the power and importance of limits. I for one appreciate the way in which you have spoken of these commitments with grace and good humor.

    So, again: welcome back, and we’ll see you when you write again. 🙂

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