Super Secret Lost Column CLXXXIV of Liber 777: Tie Knots

Like any good (?) ceremonial magickian my magickal correspondences are so heavily engrained that I can’t sneeze without linking it to a planet. (Okay, that was a joke, but now I’m thinking about bodily expulsion processes and planets…) For the first time in 14 years my hair is no longer blue so I have expanded my collection of dress shirts and ties to include colours other than blue, and that quickly ballooned to me getting a dress shirt and tie in the colours of every planet. This allows me to mix and match to either represent planetary days and sub-planets, or to dress in appropriate colours as a form of invocation. Yes, it’s a touch silly and cheesy, but have you seen most ceremonial magick paraphernalia? It’s not exactly the most serious and elegant much of the time.

Dammit Al, boxers go on your hips, and leopard rugs stay on the ground.

Rocking Mars of Jupiter (Not me)

Just saying one of the above looks a bit more silly and cheesy than the other…

It started innocently, when I realized if I had planetary ties and shirts I could use that to embody different combinations. On a day like today (in my system) of Venus of Mars I’d wear a green shirt and a red tie. (Sub-planets gets a bigger representation because they’re more subtle and I want to draw them out more) Or if I was going to an important meeting about my mortgage I could wear a black shirt and blue tie, for Saturn of Jupiter. Though when talking to a friend about this, it became even deeper, and more silly – linking tie knots to planetary forces. They suggested it as a joke, and without much thought I already had several associations in a matter of seconds and I thought I’d share the list with you, and my reasoning.

Saturn: Kransy Hourglass or Oriental knot
Jupiter: Full Windsor or Balthus knot
Mars: Merovingian
Sun: Trinity knot
Venus: Pinwheel/Trulove knot
Mercury: Van Wijk or Four-in-hand
Moon: Floating spiral

(Sidenote: None of these pictures are me. Originally I wanted to tie each knot in the right colour and take a pic but in general I suck at selfies, and I’m currently sick, so even though I’m wearing a Merovingian knot (yes, while home sick…) I don’t feel like taking pictures of myself. So all of these pictures just come from google and pintrest, if I use your picture and you want it taken down just let me know.)

HourglassI linked the Kransy Hourglass with Saturn for the cheesy, but obvious link of the hourglass, and Saturn being the planet of time, old age, and death. Also, linking the Triangle with Saturn this knot is essentially two stacked triangles.



Oriental knotThe Oriental knot seems like a good match for Saturn because it is essentially the simplest tie knot you can make. It is the most basic of tie structures possible. Saturn is the planet of structure, and when you look at the emanation of shapes and numbers Saturn is tied with three, the smallest number of sides possible on a geometric shape, the triangle. So the simplest structure really applies.

Balthus knotThe Full Windsor and Balthus knots both struck me as very Jovial knots, they’re very big and broad knots. Jupiter is about expansion and increase, so it makes sense the biggest knots are linked with Jupiter. They’re also classic “authority” knots, they’re simple but elegant and demand attention.

MerovingianThe Merovingian was the hardest knot to place, but I decided to go with Mars. The shape reminds me of a military epaulet. There is something in the shape that is reminiscent of a shield with a sword in front. Also, because of how it is tied you are required to wear a vest with this knot, so it’s as if it needs a chest plate. I could also see it being Jovial, it is very regal, and even Saturnian.


The Trinity knot is fairly solar to me. It forms a hexagonal knot, the shape of the sun. Also the sun is the center of the planetary triplicity of Saturn, Sun, and Moon. Also on a more joking side, the knot is visually similar to the recycling symbol, and the sun is about renewal.



TruloveThe Pinwheel, or Trulove knot is tied to Venus. It looks like a heart for Abyss’s sake, point one. Also, as Freeman pointed out on twitter, it looks like it’s having sex with your clavicle.

Van WijkThe spirals of the Van Wijk make me think of the flow and movement of Mercury. Not to mention the spirals around the tie body are reminiscent of the snake around both the Asclepius and Caduceus.

The four in hand seems Mercurial to me because it’s a quick and simple knot, literally can be tied in under ten seconds, and that speed and efficiency is Mercurial.

Floating SpiralLastly the floating spiral I associated with the Moon. The floating, slightly angled, and apparently unsupported knot just has a sort of dreamy quality to it.

Do folks have other suggestions? I know there a lot of knots I haven’t placed (yet?) I just categorized the ones I use the most.

Like I said, it’s fairly silly, on the other hand most magickal correspondences have an element of silliness when you look at them. Also, like in a lot of magick, you get out what you put into it. Just mixing colours and tying knots probably won’t get you anywhere, but when consciously thinking about what you’re doing that adds to the effectiveness, not to mention the long history of knot-based magick, I’m just taking it in a more dapper direction.


5 Responses to Super Secret Lost Column CLXXXIV of Liber 777: Tie Knots

  1. Andrew says:

    I don’t think it’s silly at all.

    I’ve been wearing shirts and ties in the planetary colors for close to six years now. I tie them to my teaching system in my (exoteric) classroom, I reference them in my teaching, I make my students learn planetary correspondences (in Latin vocabulary lists) including colors, and I wear the ties on house calls to parents and clients alike. It’s one way Stuff Gets Done.

    Of course it’s silly at the start. But in a year or two you’ll find that things go much more smoothly with the right tie on — and days when you accidentally wear the wrong tie are screwy.

    That said, I must admit that the times I’ve tried to work a planetary hour this way for the whole day, has backfired as often as it succeeded. Mostly I work to connect with the day rather than the hour.

    • It’s just not going to work to have twelve outfits a day for the planetary hours, unless maybe you get so rich you don’t need it any more.

      I don’t always match shirts to days, but I will if I have something special in mind (and laundry is caught up enough).

      I totally agree that this is superficially silly, but awesome once you dig into it and use it. I was cheerleading for it on Twitter because I saw there was actually a lot of substance there, and besides, our usual ritual clothes are derived from the dress clothes of the 1st century CE, so why not have a modern alternative?

      My only correction would be to add it to Skinner instead of 777. After all, he had enough sense to link drugs to planets/Gods, and to put caffeine for Hermes 😛

      • Kalagni says:

        I don’t think I’m /always/ going to match the shirt/tie with the day, but I plan on doing so for an entire planetary cycle just to cement the idea. Though I must admit it is nice to be able to wake up, look at my altar, and have my clothing decision made for me. No wondering what to wear, just see what the planets of the day are, and my choices are culled to one or two options.

        I didn’t make a link to the origin of ritual garb to modern clothing, I like that way of looking at it. Also, though I mentioned it only briefly in the post itself the idea of tying a force/energy into a knot is nothing new, and I like working that idea into my dressing routine in the morning.

    • Kalagni says:

      I agree about the idea that it’s silly at the start, but will build. I also wear a planetary mala everyday, and when I first started that thought it with silly, but like you said if I grab the wrong mala going out the door my entire day seems to go off-kilter before I realize what happened.

      Connecting to the planetary hours would be tricky. That’s one thing I like in my system is that I have subplanets for each day, so I get the more nuanced planetary forces, without the hassle of dealing with rotating hours through out the day. Though if one was dedicated to the hours you could always carry around seven pocket squares and change them as the day goes on heh.

  2. […] If you’re not bound to a particular uniform, try to color some of your clothes according to the planetary colors on different days of the week to align yourself to different overall workings or bring those planets’ influences into your office.  In my informal clothes, I wear a bandanna of a particular color in my back pocket (purple for Monday, red for Tuesday, etc.); on more formal days, I’ll wear a tie of that color.  Bonus: consider using Kalagni’s correspondence of tie knots with planets! […]

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