Saturn and Kalagni Return

Welcome gentle-readers to a tale I’d like to call Kalagni’s Saturn Return, or Fuck You Universe You’re Not Getting Rid of Me That Easily.

Last time I discussed my life on this blog was in August, when I essentially said “I’m in the last year of five years at University doing two degrees at once, I’ll post when I have time.” Well I am proud to update that I have completed my degrees with great grades and rave reviews.

Sometimes I look ahead astrologically…sometimes I don’t. I wish I had of looked ahead when I applied for my degrees, because only a fool plans to wrap up two university degrees during their Saturn Return. Don’t get me wrong, beautiful symbolism about finishing university and going off into the world just as Saturn has finished crushing you…but it’s not exactly an easy period. (Please note: What follows is not asking for sympathy, and in fact, as I’ve dealt with the issues if I get sympathy it will be annoying)

Super-quick definition for those who don’t know. A Saturn Return is when Saturn in the sky has returned in its relative orbit to where it was when you were born, which happens sometime in your 28-30th year (the first time). It signifies moving into the next phase of your life, and is generally accompanied by an upheaval, or as a friend explained it “When the planet of death and limit runs into itself and decides to either kill you or fuck you up in the process.” It’s also a bit rough if Saturn is in your chart heavily…like being in a T-Square with Mars and your nodes, and also being your final depositor bouncing back and forth with Mars…you know, just to add to the resonating pressure.

So it was a tough time. Aside from normal schooling (which was hectic cause it was group work which meant if I wanted I good mark I had to do the work of four others in most courses) the last month of my degree was me out in the field working, and it was this period that the Return would hit (people argue exact times/orbs but it was around this). I was lucky though, my lama decided to go into retreat for that month, which meant my one night of training a week was scraped and I could arguably skip the meditation sessions without too much worry. Then after my lama announced this I received an email from my Rinpoche that he was going to be in the city that month and had some intensive trainings he wanted me to do. So I had to fit in high-level complex training with my Rinpoche, working 16 hour days 7 days a week for that month. In that time my mother had two heart attacks, my Grandfather was in a car accident, one Grandmother was diagnosed with 4(!) different types of cancer at once, I severely damaged my Achilles and can’t run for several weeks/months, and my other Grandmother died of a heart attack suddenly on the last day of my degree. During this time I was also in the preliminary battle with the government who didn’t want to believe I existed and wouldn’t issue me a passport.

Anyways, I survived. It’s been a really tough time for me, for my family, I very nearly missed making it down to the HK Gather (an occult convention I’ve been attending a decade or more and plan for the year ahead literally on the bus ride back).

Of course good things always come (or they should if you’re a magickian and doing shit right), so I have my degrees, with the most amazing reviews possible, my niece was born, and my passport arrived the day before I had to leave for Gather meaning I made it down, and as always it was a brilliant time.

It’s been a long time since I regularly blogged, but now that school is down and life will theoretically calm down I hope to get back to it. I have new thoughts and things to toss out, new items and services that aren’t mentioned anywhere just via word of mouth, and of course links and books reviews to share. So wish me luck becoming active again.


2 Responses to Saturn and Kalagni Return

  1. Gordon says:

    Congrats and welcome back.

  2. Isabelle says:

    Congratulations on your degrees! That is a long journey indeed!

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