June Search Term Shoot Back

Welcome to my Search Term Shoot Back. Obviously this is inspired by the same concept used by Polyphanes on his blog which was in turn partially inspired by my most popular post (*sigh*) which was written in response to a common search hit on my blog. Basically this entry looks at some of the search terms that led people to my blog this month, and addresses them.

First off…not surprising in the slightest is “sex with angels” but more to the point, there are 24 different versions of this search term used this month. Everything for “sex angels” to “how to summon an angel for sex” and “can I have sex with an archangel?” So not only is “sex with angels” the most popular term to hit my blog, but the idea of having sex with angels is by far the most common reason people end up on my blog. Meaning: You’re all a bunch of perverts, and I love you for it. If you’re new to my blog, or just want a refresher I made a blog post about this three years ago, and it has more hits than the next four most popular posts on my site. Thoughtful, controversial, or instructional posts on magick? Screw that, people want to know about boinking angels. Considering how popular that post is I wonder what would happen if I wrote something about actually experiences in that area…

“How to make a summoning circle” – It depends on your tradition and what for. Personally I use a method from the Starry Path, using the Names of the Spirits and Spheres as they were revealed to me. It’s based upon the Heptameron circle, which I find the most workable. I feel the standard summoning circle that became popular in grimoires is both overkill and clumsy, I find this more elegant. Also if that interests you there is an article I wrote for a book, which was reformatted and put onto my blog more about the theory of the circle.

“Blue Flame Sex” – Not without dinner first…or buying me a book…actually the book might work better… This search term shows up a lot over time, I’m not sure if there is something I’m missing, if there is some religious/spiritual tradition that links blue flames with sex, but I approve.

“Blue fire hand” – Again, some of the entries involving blue fire/flame intrigue about what people are actually looking for. Blue fire is important in my Path (surprising I know) and that includes using it channelled around my hands. For me Blue Fire is complicated, but on the most general level it represents the highest form of Fire, when the element is dissolving into Space. It’s the Fire of Wisdom, that burns away Illusions and reveals the depths of Reality. It is the Fire that burns around the Black Hearts in my Core and represents the Place I Seek to Return to. When doing specific type of trance work I begin by finding the Black Hearts in my Core, they are the Twin Nothingness that are the foundation of my Soul, they are encased by a Diamond, which is Flaming brilliantly. I draw out that Blue Fire down my arms into my hands, and then sweep it across my body removing impurities, and then I place my hands over my eyes and leave the Fire there to Illuminate my Vision. Probably not what the person was searching for, but there you go, something about it and how I use it.

“How do I do it” – You verb the adjective noun. (Which if you’re unfamiliar is the same advice Abraham Lincoln’s father gave him before the prom)

“paul elkington codices” – They’re still hoaxes. No contemporary record of Jesus’s life exists, and no super secret copper codex with the story was uncovered. I debunked it years back and everything since has just proved my point. Really that was three years ago, I’m surprised people are still looking it up.

“Qliphoth magic” – It’s unusual for me to say something like that…but I won’t touch that stuff. It fascinates me, but there is something that deeply unsettles me in my Core when I look into it. I know that’s part of the point, but I feel, at least for me, that if I went down that path no good would come of it. I know some people who are doing some awesome stuff with it, they’re also people that slightly unnerve me. I prefer to study it as a balance for my Qabalistic stuff, but not as something I’d want to use. You can find a review I did on what is, in my opinion, the best book on the subject.

“simhamukha pendant” – Alas, I never consecrated a set of those. My HGA “suggested” I shift my focus from my pendant consecration and focus on a few other things. I do offer Singhamukha sadhanas in my sponsored rituals though. She is one of my three main practices in Vajrayana, kickass lion wisdom goddess with a blue body, what’s not to love?

“Zasep Tulku Rinpoche” – I know I reviewed his book, but I’m surprised you’d land on my blog googling him. Rinpoche is one of my teachers, and walks that strange line of being so very wise, compassionate, and terrifying. I don’t often talk about my teachers or lineages that I’m in for various reasons, but I am glad that my lama facilitated me meeting and beginning to study under Zasep Rinpoche. Bonus points: Last time I saw Rinpoche he was quoting Monty Python, how can you not love a 66 year old Tibetan Rinpoche who quotes “Life of Brian”

(Seriously, he was sitting on his throne in temple, reenacting the argument about the names)

“dorje shugden aiwass” – Alright, here is a search term that lost me. Is someone out there equating Crowley’s Aiwass with Dorje Shugden? If so I’m really curious about how and why they are equated or even linked…other than they’re both semi-controversial figures. Anyone else have input I’d love to hear it.

“how to do planetary magick” – Can you vague up the question a bit? Planetary magick is one of the pillars of the entire Western system of magick, it covers a lot. If you’re interested in it, I’d say start with just learning the associations, the planets of the day, and doing prayers to the planets or planetary spirits. I have a set I skried, but use the Greek/Roman gods if you want, or the angels. Really it’s a huge field, so I’d say before thinking too much about the magick make sure you understand the symbols and the system.

“Mary Poppins Paving Stones” – I can’t really help you there… I just wanted to share because it’s unusual.

“Tibetan Buddhist prayer sigil” – You probably mean a mandala or a yantra. They’re 2D representations of the visualizations used in a lot of rituals, explaining what force or figure is where, and how they interact. They’re a really complex/deep subject that I can’t explain in a shoot back. Here is a good article explaining them though. If you’re thinking sigil in the Western sense, those don’t really exist in Buddhism. All deities have a Seed Syllable, a letter that is used when evoking/invoking them, but that’s probably the closest you get. I have thought about making a sigil system based on the Tibetan Alphabet, but so far I haven’t liked any of the math I figured out for it.

“quadrivium oil reviews” – My simple review: Buy it now, that shit is great. Long review here. I use them, I recommend them to clients, my friends use them, they’re really a great product.

why not both“ceremonial magick services” – The majority of my client work in my sorcery for hire tends to be Ceremonial, even though I know I come off more Buddhist to a lot of people. It’s something I find hard to codify in sense of explaining what I do, because there is so much to it, but I find a lot of people are more comfortable with it when I explain it during consultations. If you’re interested you can always email me for a consultation and we’ll see what we can do.

“malas” – I’m impressed I’m getting hits just from malas. Yes, I use malas, I love malas, I make and sell them, and I think they’re awesome versatile things. I’m pretty much always wearing two, one for the planetary spirit of the day, and one for my HGA. I’ve talked about them a few times, so follow the tag if you want to learn about using them for mantras, divination, or other magickal usages

“geomancy books” – I really like geomancy, but admit I only tinker with it. I’ve reviewed a book on it before which I enjoyed, but apparently I was told afterwards that it’s not the best and there are issues with the text. Really if you want information on geomancy I recommend checking out Polyphanes on his blog, cause he’s written so much on the topic, and in a lot of cases with more depth and clarity than you’ll get in most books. Plus he actually experiments and innovates (Be still the Nothingness of my Hearts)

“Opera blue flame” – Okay, while technically rock operas, I have a weak spot for Jesus Christ Superstar and Phantom of the Opera. More traditionally I adore Mozart’s Magic Flute, and untraditionally and more appropriate for this blog I am amused to this day by the Enochian Keys performed as an opera.


5 Responses to June Search Term Shoot Back

  1. catvincent says:

    Mate… Blue is the colour of Orgone. Reich described it as a blue fire. Not an old trad, to be sure, but influential.

    • Kalagni says:

      Ahhh, that explains a few things. I didn’t know that. My knowledge around the orgone stuff is fleeting, it’s on that ever expanding list of things I want to look into.

    • Meirya says:

      Er. Blue flame, that is.

    • Kalagni says:

      You and Cat are just trying to convince me that people aren’t randomly googling how to have sex with me, I don’t buy it.

      I’ve never heard that. That helps explain some of the searches involving blue flame/fire, but not all of them.

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