Epic Rap Battles of History: Occult Edition

For no reason when leaving temple last I thought it be amusing to see Epic Rap Battles of History for famous folks in the occult.

If you’ve never seen Epic Rap Battles of History it’s a youtube show that pits two famous people from history (and occasionally fiction) in a rap battle. They’re usually very clever and amusing.

Einstein vs. Hawking.

Anyways I thought up a few ones for occult folks, I was posting them, and Ocean Delano from Turning the Magic Around chimed in with a few of his own, which will be marked with an * on the list.

20130704002622Wiki-background[1]Epic Rap Battles of History Presents:

Aleister Crowley versus Madame Blavatsky!

Edward Kelley versus L. Ron Hubbard!

King Solomon versus Padmasambhava!

*Gerald Gardner vs The Witch Of Endor.

*Merlin vs. Oberon Zell-Ravenheart!

*Abra-Melin vs Socrates!

Marie Laveau versus Circe!

Imhotep versus Milarepa!

*Cornelius Agrippa versus Francis Barrett
(Barrett would just rap Agrippa’s lines back at him, but say half of them wrong.)

E. A. Koetting versus J. Z. Knight!

Paracelsus versus Ibn Sina!

Medea versus The Witches of Eastwick!

The Secret Chiefs versus the Ascended Masters!

Melchizedek versus St. Germain!

*Deepak Chopra versus Confucius

Victor and Cora Anderson versus Peter Carroll and Phil Hine

Anton LeVay versus Doreen Virtue!

John Dee versus Sylvia Brown!

Alright, who do you think would be the best match? Or any funny magickal matches that we didn’t think of?


5 Responses to Epic Rap Battles of History: Occult Edition

  1. catvincent says:

    C’mon – if it’d been a snake-god it would have bit you:

    Alan Moore vs Grant Morrison.

    Like this, but with rapping:

  2. William Lily vs. John Gadbury

    Alan Leo vs. Guido Bonatti

    Eliphas Levi vs. Aristotle

    Dorje Shugden vs. Scirlin

    The Black Lodge vs. 1990s Wiccans

    Manjushri vs. Mdm. Lenormand

    Giordano Bruno vs. Mdm. Blavatski

  3. Ananael Qaa says:

    It’s not historical, but have you seen this one?

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