Social Media Round-Up

My internet presence is scattered, and often if you miss the first announcement or two about where I am, that’s it you’ve missed it. So I thought I’d put all of my various social media stuff in one place, so people can stalk me in multiple ways. Warning though, I’m semi-serious on my blog, but elsewhere not so much, if you respect me just stick to reading the blog :-p Seriously though, follow stuff and chat with me, I love hearing from folks…well…most of the time…well…occasionally…well…

Twitter: Blueflamemagick

Twitter, for better or worse, is probably where I’m most active. It’s filled with random quotes from my life or what I’m reading, a lot of pictures of cemeteries recently, and just whatever grabs my fancy. (This is especially the one not to follow if you want to continue to respect me)

Facebook: Evan Sabahnur

I’m fairly active here. It’s more of a rambly journal of what’s going on in my magickal practices. (I have a non-occult facebook too, but for career reasons that’s not public, which is why this one is almost all magick stuff, I am more well-rounded than that if just barely)

Ello: Blueflamemagick

I just got onto ello, don’t know what I think about it one way or another, but I’m there.

Goodreads: Blueone

More than anything this lets you stalk what I’m reading. I don’t generally review on it, or when I do it’s a terse sentence or two, as my real reviews are here or on Spiral Nature. Also don’t judge me for what I read, I have my reasons.

Librarything: Blueflamemagick

This lets you browse my most of my library. I find I like snooping people’s librarythings a bit too much.


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