Wednesday Webshare: Spirit Communication, Christian Archaeology, and Meditation

If you happen to be in Prague check out The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians.

Read the comic book intro to Chaos Magick. It’s pretty cool. I’m glad to see the focus on meditation and discipline, that often gets dropped in more pop forms of chaos magick

As the world changes, so does our relationship with the divine, so have a look at The Twelve Gods of the Internet.

10 Signs your boyfriend is a bad ass wizard. Pretty much speaks for itself.

Even as someone who deals heavily with spirits, and has an asshole in my head an HGA who occasionally kicks me around I find a lot of the time people use their “spirits” and intuition as excuses. So here is a list of thirteen ridiculous woo-woo excuses people make. I’ve heard a lot of these, and it’s amazing how often your “spirit” tells you to do what you want, or not do what you didn’t want to…why it’s as if you just happened to pick the perfect path without any effort, good for you!

Following up with that, here is a list on helping sort out if what you receive is divine guidance or not. While I disagree with large chunks of this list, it’s better than most of the ones like this I’ve seen. I think their signs that it is a false message are more spot on than their true messages, in my experience at least.

In case you’re one of the three people who didn’t see the video, Cthulhu inspired fauxga yoga. Yoga Fhtagn.

As an introvert, and a dark sorcerer, I can confirm this list of dealing with introverts it completely factual.

The earliest known version of the Gospel of Mark has been discovered in the mask of an Egyptian mummy. I figure my burial mask will be made from unreleased copies of my novel “The Cheesegrater walks at Midnight.”

Another Christian discovery, archaeologists may have uncovered the site of Jesus’s trial. I assume the give away was the skeletal remain of disco dancers at the bottom of the swimming pool. (JC Superstar reference if you managed to miss it)

In more tragic news Guards gun down four angels trying to escape Heaven, though I admit I’m fine knowing Shamsiel is out of the picture. As someone who was terrified with the standard depiction of Heaven when I was five, this amused me and I could imagine wanting to break out of the place.

And with a serious flip again, Sixteen things mentally ill pagans have to put up with. These are sadly things I’ve seen happen to a lot of people. Mental illnesses and conditions are a fact of life, being sorcerous folks doesn’t make us immune, and doesn’t mean they can be whisked away with magick. So if you know a pagan with a mental health problem keep this list in mind before you (in a well meaning way) try to engage them about their practice and their condition.

Because I believe to be a competent occultist of any stripe you have to be at least familiar with scientific process, and because I see way to many magickal folks buggering up scientific data in support of their ideas here are 10 mistakes we all make when interpreting research.

Also, does anyone else remember when the internet wasn’t just numbered lists?

Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

The Dalai Lama talking about what to do if we meet extraterrestrials. Basically respect and compassion. Gotta love that man. (Also, the transcribing is obviously not a Buddhist, for they got confused when Kundun said “Mother sentient being.”

The shape of the singing bowl inspires a new more efficient solar panel.

An interview with the founds of Trans*Buddhists which is a great site (found here) about making meditation centres and retreat centres more inclusive. As someone who fits under various understandings of gender variance it’s great to see this, Buddhism is by it’s nature an open and loving faith, but admittedly the sanghas and structures sometimes need some work in that regard, so hopefully this can help get some conversations started.

As great and essential as meditation is, it’s not without problems, as discussed here before. Here is another take on the problem of mindfulness meditation, specifically how it is presented and used in the West.

Aztec Death Whistles. Need I say more? If you love me you’ll get me one.


6 Responses to Wednesday Webshare: Spirit Communication, Christian Archaeology, and Meditation

  1. Really good shares! Thank you for taking the time to write this up.

  2. uratriura says:

    “Aztec Death Whistles”, fist impulse – I NEED THAT – watched the video – NO THANKS.

  3. Makhsi says:

    Weirdly, the “signs your boyfriend is a bad-ass wizard” all apply to “signs your partner is a therapist”… minus the volatile part. (I have Thoughts on the parallels between the art of the therapist and the arte of the magician.) I’m also impressed by that list, tongue-in-cheek as it is.

    Fantastic shares. So many good articles!

    • Kalagni says:

      I had some issues with that list, and I realize now they’ve removed some, go figure, but for the most part I liked it. The therapist/sorcerer overlap isn’t surprising, as long as they’re competent.

  4. Psyche says:

    Plutold is perfect for me in every respect.

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