September Search Terms

First of the month, trying to get back into the blog, so looking at the search terms that led people to me in the last month.

Again, totally not surprised, the most popular search term, both on its own, and in variously worded combinations is “Sex with angel.” Of course I have an entire post on that, and every time I notice it’s still the most common search term that leads to my site makes me think I should actually write a more serious post on it. It was actually the Sex with Angels post that inspired this whole thing of responding to what folks are looking for.

Goetic kings of the sun: I’m not totally sure what you’re looking for here. All the spirits in the Goetia are ranked, and every rank is associated with a planet, and while we can quibble about who is assigned where, and what the rank means, generally it’s accepted that the kings are the solar rank. So saying “kings of the sun” is a bit redundant. Anyways, the kings are Bael, Paimon, Beleth, Purson, Astaroth, Asmoday, Gaap, Vine, Balam, Decarabia, Zagan, and Belial. Personally my favourites of that list are Beleth and Vine.

How to fuck an angel: Being a bit forward now, aren’t we?

9 foot circle method: My version can be found here using a different set of names. If you’re looking for something more traditional I recommend the circle from the Heptameron, which mine is based on, rather than the standard serpent circle of the Goetia which just stinks of “I didn’t know what to do, so I did it all” to me at least.

orgonite organic/inorganic ratio: Despite my curiosity I know nothing really about orgonite, but I know it’s supposed to be 50/50. The trouble is that doesn’t really work with orgonite. It’s 50/50, but how? By weight? Or volume? The trouble with volume is the inorganic stuff is oddly shaped scraps, so when you fill a container with metal filings, you can still pour in a lot of organic material in between the gaps. So, just pointing out that’s problematic.

tulpa magick: Please…stop now…you don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe a reminder that tulpas are not what you think

rcle of summoning I know it’s a typo, but it sounds like Scooby-doo talking about ceremonial magick.

Lama guru tree This really isn’t a topic I can discuss. Not because I don’t know, or because it’s secret, but because it’s different for every lineage. When visualizing the lineage or guru tree you have to know who your teacher is, who their yidam and teacher is, and so on, back into antiquity. Now sure, you can simplify it by understanding they’re all of one essence, but that still means you need to visualize your lama as the embodiment of everyone in the lineage before them. But if you don’t have a lama, you have to know what sect of Vajrayana Buddhism you’re following or interested in, that way you know which of the primordial teacher Buddhas you’re supposed to visualize. Is it Vairocana? Samantabra? Guhyasamaja? It all depends. If you’re curious about the lineage tree, talk with your local lama.

ghost call therapy: Even though I bill myself as a therapist or counselor for the dead, alas I don’t know of a phone line you can call for ghost therapy. I know who you’re gonna call, but they won’t help, they’ll just lock them up and not deal with the issues that led to the haunting in the first place.

High Priestess sex tarot: I’d like to investigate her inner mysteries, if you know what I mean…wait…what…what are you even looking for? The High Priestess card from a sexy tarot deck? How to use the archetype to get laid? Meditations to have sex with her? I have no idea.

Shemhamphoras and the uses: Do you have a few hours? Okay at the most complicated level you can use the Shem ha-Mephorash to access and investigate some of the abstracted corners of reality. More commonly though you can use the Shem ha-Mephorash to derive the name of 72 ruling angels. These angels rule, pretty much everything. They each rule either 5 degrees or 10 degrees of the sky. If they’re all “active” at once, they only control 5 degrees, but sometimes they’re split up into two factions, half ruling the sky during the day, half ruling during the night, in which case they control 10 degrees each, but only half of the time. They can also be linked to the spirits of the Goetia, as shown in the Goetia of Dr. Rudd where they are used as a controlling element to balance the spirits. Also, as they represent/control most everything, the Shem ha-Mephorash is a great choice for protection works.

Dorje shugden pagan: Okay, the whole Dorje Shugden issue is a really complicated one. It’s made worse by a lot of (let’s be honest) white western Buddhists who are super-opposed to the practice. (As a note, all the Tibetan practitioners I’ve talked to about it, have basically said “The practice doesn’t hurt anyone, we’re not going to interfere.” Thankfully we have white Buddhists to literally cause riots about this though…) Anyways. That said, if you’re googling Dorje Shugden and pagan at the same time, do us a favour, don’t bother. Seriously, it’s a controversial and complicated cultural issue, leave it where it is, and don’t for the love of all that is empty try to work it into your mish-mash of pagan pantheons.

Chod empowerment practice commitments: I’ll forgive you missing the umlaut over the o in chöd. Anyways, this is another thing that I can’t really talk on because it can vary from tradition to tradition, and /what/ chöd empowerment you get, as there are several. The most basic one I can think of, Opening the Door of the Sky, is still a higher tantric initiation. So assuming you’ve done everything to be allowed to get it (which doesn’t always happen now a days) your commitments will probably include having to perform chöd at least once a day for the rest of your life. Special chöd feasts on the full and new moon. You’ll also have to take the Bodhisattva vow and the basic Tantric vows probably, which includes things like never giving up love for another sentient being, or deriding a woman in any way, or never to think of anything as real. You might also be given a mantra commitment, requiring you to say a mantra a certain amount of times per day. There might also be a commitment to perform tsok feasts twice a month too. That’s a basic version, you might have something more intense depending on initiation and lineage. Like the lineage tree I recommend talking to your local lama. Chöd is awesome, and fascinating, and beautiful, but it also shouldn’t be taken to lightly.

angel seal The Angel Seal is one of the more uncommon types of angels, but I do have this picture.

seal angel

my calling in dis world is to be a world change and a planet shake Well ain’t that precious.


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  1. Psyche says:

    ++ bonus points for angel seal pic.

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