31 Days of Magick

(My Buddhism posts will resume in the new year, holidays eat up too much time)

I wanted to share something that sprang out of a group I’m a part of, the 31 Days of Magick


Basically it’s just a list of 31 types of magick to do over the course of January. None of them are that difficult, so it’s not asking too much, but it’s asking for a lot in terms of technique, which I like.

Whenever I feel myself in a magickal lull or slump I pick up a book with a good variety of exercises (usually something fairly beginner, as they have the most breadth) and work my way through it. Not because I really need to learn another way to ground, or how to cast a spell with a playing card or whatever, but because I need something different.

I find the same thing with physical exercise, I hit a slump or plateau and have to change something, just a little, to break through and get going again. Even if it’s just putting my hands farther apart or closer together in pushups to work slightly different muscles.

In a magickal slump, you need to flex a few new muscles, and in general I think it’s good practice to do things outside of your normal practice.

That’s what I really like about this 31 Days of Magick. I don’t see myself flipping my life into something even more amazing through it, but I might, but more I see it as something to work my magick a bit differently, to challenge myself and include a few new things, even if I don’t use them again.

So I invite everyone out there to join in with the 31 Days, do something different, after all isn’t magick about the experiment?

(And if you’re interested in looking into the Strategic Sorcery community, then pop over to Jason’s blog, see what it’s about, and consider joining.)

Make it a great new year folks.


4 Responses to 31 Days of Magick

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