Be Mindful of Wishes


One thing I often tell people is: when doing magick be specific.  Now I don’t mean addressing people’s fear that if they do a money spell and don’t specify where it comes from their Grandma will die and they get the inheritance. (Not to say that couldn’t or wouldn’t happen either though) More that having a clear goal, and preferably a clear path of manifestation, is what will help you get what you want.

I bring this up because last time you joined you hero I was talking about a ritual I helped lead that unexpectedly got me a job.  Now, I will freely admit that as I was focusing on running the ritual, I only put the most basic thought and intent into what my goal was -a job- and I got it.

I made more money at that job than I have at any previous job, not by much, but still more…It was also the least money per hour I’ve made in a long time, so the fact that I was making more was the result of horribly long hours and long weeks.  This isn’t mentioning the emotionally unstable micromanaging boss.

Lesson: Be specific in what you ask for, cause I got a job, I got a job making more money than I had been making, but in the end it was a horrible job that affected my health and ate up so much of my time that everything else seemed to drop away.

So between working five and a half days a week, at eleven hour days, and being in the most stressful and draining job I’ve ever had, things like this blog just got dropped because I didn’t have the time and mental resources for it.

But fear not faithful audience, for I’ve switched jobs, and while I don’t know how long I’ll be at the new one, I have a lot more time and energy to myself now, and getting BlueFlameMagick up and running again is on my list of priorities, hope to see you all soon.


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