Blue Flame Magick is a multi-discipline occult blog.  Your host Kalagni is currently attending University in a multiple degree program of five years.  As such posts on the blog may flux and flow with the school year.  Blue Flame Magick is an extension and combination of the Kalagni’s personal occult blog, magickal career, and reactions and reflections on the occult community.

Kalagni is a student of Ceremonial Magick and Vajrayana Buddhism -predominantly the Karma Kagyu lineage- with a background in Chaos Magick that can’t quite be shaken.  With an insatiable curiosity many other systems have been studied, explored, and practised to different degrees, but not to the same degree at Ceremonial Magick or Buddhism.

For the last half decade Kalagni has engaged in a magickal business including a variety of “occult odd-jobs,” astrology, tarot, and healing services.

For those wanting to reach Kalagni outside of a specific post or desiring privacy you can use the email address blueflamemagick -at- gmail.com

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2 Responses to About

  1. […] with an occultist from the city; he asked me about my “occult odd-jobs” as mentioned on my About page. He asked me hypothetically what I’d do for someone asking about wealth magick. There are two […]

  2. Nice mix of Vajrayana and Western Magickes. Wish you posted more often as then i would follow you.

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