200th Post: Behind the Magick


WordPress notifies me this is my 200th blog entry, I’m going to take that as an accomplishment. I started this blog four and a half years ago, and I’ve enjoyed my time writing and musing with everyone. I know there are times when I haven’t made it enough of a priority in my life and went too long between postings, but it was never due to lack of interest, but due to having a busy life that I find kind of awesome.

When I started this blog I was just starting my second year of university, having returned in my mid-late twenties in order to attempt to follow my wishes and get the degrees required to get what has been my dream job since the second grade. I had moved back in with my father to save costs while in school. I was starting to take my Buddhist practice more and more seriously, along with the rest of my magickal practices. I always had some degree of seriousness towards my practices, but it was around then I started to take it to another level.

I like seeing the stats and figures behind my blog. Like any blogger I’m sure, I’ve written posts that received far more attention than I expected they would, and written others that it boggles me that people didn’t engage with them. I’ve never been able to predict it, and that intrigues me. For instance my post on tulpas is my fourth most popular post of all time, despite only being six months old. I never expected my rant would get that much attention. My most popular post ever, being twice as popular as the second most visited post, is of course my Sex with Angels post which while I thought it was amusing I never thought it would be the bizarre hit that it is.

The most searched term to reach my blog is of course “sex with angels” followed by “angel sex” and then “sex angels.” Oh internet, I don’t pretend to understand you.

A lot has happened in all this time. I finished university with two degrees, and was part of the Golden Key Society (or the Smarty Pants club). While I don’t have my dream job yet I am currently working at a job I enjoy with a team of people that I like. I’m not upset about not having my dream job because where I live it is literally 8000 applicants per position, so it’s not an easy thing to get into. I now live on my own in a house in a wonderful neighbourhood and while it’s in need of fixing up it’s a nice house. I’ve received training in chöd and adopted it as my primary Buddhist practice for the last four years. (That happened within two weeks of starting the blog, but I didn’t talk about it because the attitude/exoticism around chöd in the West, I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging or cashing in on what is cool, so I waited until I was well established in the practice to begin talking about it.) I completed the Abramelin working sticking very close to the letter of the text and received Knowledge and Conversation with my Holy Guardian Asshole. (In a similar way, since K&C is such a big thing, I didn’t actually let most people know I was working on it, or achieved it, until a few years after the fact when I felt more stable with what it was all about.) Just a few months ago I received a minor Buddhist ordination, which I don’t think I’ve brought up here at all, though hints and comments were put on twitter and facebook. But yeah, I’m now considered a lay-monk, with actual authority and obligations in the tradition…it’s kinda surreal and scary. I’m not just a weird Buddhist sorcerer, I’m a weird ordained Buddhist sorcerer…who thought that was a good idea?

Through the blog itself I’ve met some awesome people, some are just casual contacts, and others have become friends. It’s been interesting to get feedback on posts, to be challenged either to defend my ideas or think differently. The interaction with others is what really helps with the growth. As people have commented on my blog, linked to it, and reblogged it I’ve had the chance to expand my resources and followed and met even more people, with even more neat ideas to think about.

While I’m not living a perfect life, I’m living one that I love, with clear signs of where I came from, and where I’m going, always going the way of my wishes.

So thank you all for being part of the journey, and I’ll be curious to see what develops over my next two hundred posts.


Webshare Wait-It’s-Monday: Enochic and Enochian Galore


Baraquiel- The Hanged Man

Baraquiel- The Hanged Man

Sorry for the lack of posting recently, I decided to run for an unplanned holiday on the family farm. I was going to share these links/stories later, but as one of them is time sensitive I’ll do so a little early and with that said it might as well be the link I start with.

My friends Michelle and Jackie have been working on a tarot deck. Michelle’s been scheming it for about a decade and if I remember my timelines right Jackie’s been painting for about five years. The Watcher Angel Tarot is a reinterpretation of the themes of the tarot through the legend of the Watcher Angels as told in the Book of Enoch. The deck is finally done and presales start this Tuesday (June 21st). Currently you can pre-order the deck as collector and supporter decks on Jackie’s art site to help foot the start-up cost, and the deck will be released October 21st, just in time for the end of the world, and that’s not a coincidence. On Monday and Tuesday at 1830 (EST) Michelle and Jackie will be doing a twitter to youtube question answer session about the deck, so if you’re interesting and/or want to learn more go to Jackie’s site or participate in the chat to hear about the deck from the people driving it.

Damon Albarn (Gorillaz) has written an opera ‘Doctor Dee’ on the life of the historic occultist John Dee, founder of Enochian magick. I’m actually really amused and intrigued with the idea. He says he will focus on the occult practices of the good doctor, as he feels that part of his life has been hidden from history. No mention if wife-swapping for YHWH will be in the opera as of yet.

While totally different, this just couldn’t help but remind me of The Enochian Keys Opera by Valentin Dubovskoy from several years back, which I had interesting results with.

Next month sees the release of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, a video game loosely based on the Book of Enoch (I’m seeing a theme in my links, this wasn’t planned). The game has you taking the role of Enoch the Prophet trying to stop seven fallen angels and the flood that will destroy mankind if they are not stopped. I have neither of the platforms it is on (PS3 or 360) but I’ve been debating a PS3 for a while (I don’t really play video games) and I think this might be a good inspiration. A PS3 for my spiritual research, that’s reasonable, right?

Edit: I just found a video trailer of the game. It looks good to me, and has an interesting artistic style.

An Orthodox Jewish Court has condemned a dog to death by stoning. The belief is the dog that invaded the court room was the reincarnation of a secular lawyer the judges had previously cursed to be reborn as a dog for insulting them. What I found most interesting is that it is a public admission of the belief in reincarnation (which while it has some historical basis in Judaism is a fringe belief currently) but also the belief that the judges have the capacity to use a curse to direct someone’s next incarnation and that it could include animals such a dogs. I was under the impression that Jewish beliefs in reincarnation was limited to humans, but animals and cursing incarnations, both are new tricks to me.

Lastly, and really really not least is Rob’s Basic Laws, Rules, and Rights of Magic an absolutely brilliant article on…well just that, the laws, rules, and rights of magick. It’s a long read, and you definitely need to take some time to work through it but it is worth it. I probably only disagreed with one or two points, and not in horribly strong ways, I really recommend you give it a read if you haven’t seen it yet. It matched up with some of my own conceptions on the laws/rules and made me question and debate others.

That being said I leave these links with you, and hopefully return to blogging proper soon.

Burning Hearts – Nuit


(This post was supposed to be uploaded last night, but dealing with catastrophic laptop death and setting up a new one I didn’t have time.)

I woke up singing this song this morning. I don’t know why it was in my head but I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s a condensed version of Chapter II of the Liber AL vel Legis, better known as The Book of the Law. I took my copy to school with me and read it over the day, it’s always an interesting read, I read it at least once a year in April during the “feast” celebrating its writing.

Anyways, without further ado here is Burning Hearts by Nuit

To download the song, read the lyrics, hear the rest of the album, or learn about the band you can visit Nuit’s “Mother Night”.

In the chance you’re unfamiliar with the text you can get the complete book (it is short) online at The Book of the Law on Sacred Texts or get a print copy of The Book Of The Law by Aleister Crowley

Exams, Essays, and Entries


I know I haven’t posted much lately on here. I’m in university with a 120-130% equivalent course load working on two degrees and it is the end of the term and exam period. Last week and this coming week I have six essays due and four exams, so my time to write posts has been limited. I figured I’d just make this small entry and let people know what it going on and just ask for continued patience.

I’ll share one of my favourite Cthulhu Carols “Mi-go We Have Heard on High.” Tis the season.

For those who haven’t encountered the Cthulhu Carols, they’re a collection of two albums produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Classic Christmas carols rewritten to be about the horrors of the Elder Gods and Old Ones. I recommend the Unbelievable Scary Solstice Combo it contains both CDs, and an awesome tentacle stocking. My stocking is already up for Solstice when Cthulhu will visit me and leave me small gifts, or possibly drive me insane and destroy humanity.

Welcome to Blue Flame Magick


Actions speak louder than words.  An odd comment considering the medium of the message here is text.  How I feel that phrase applies in this case is not so much about physical actions, but that what I write will speak for me, better than I could do with an introduction.  In an introduction I’d feel the need to compel people to read this blog, to convince people that I’m worth reading, and that I know what I talking about.  After scrapping a few introductions I decided it was best to jump into this blog, and let my entries speak for me.  How many years I’ve studied what system, and who I’ve been trained under are both of secondary significance to what I’ve learnt, experienced and how I express myself.

So instead I will introduce my blog.  Blue Flame Magick will be my multidisciplinary blog, where I will discuss topics related to the occult, magick, spiritually, and a variety of topics that I feel may be important and relevant.  I’ll write in whatever form gets my point across, and I’ll write on theory, practice, experience, and experiments; book reviews, media reviews, and news stories.  If I consider it relevant it may end up here.  I’ll discuss the systems I’m studying, the system I’m forging, and others I’m just gleaning information from.  Welcome to Blue Flame Magick.

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