Starry Tree: Names and Circles


kalstreeThis is a list of the various Names that I got from my skrying experiments. I’m putting them all in one place for ease of use for those who mentioned interest in engaging them. For those less familiar with the Qabalah I’ll be listing the Hebrew Sphere Name as well as the planetary association. I’ll link to each post about my experience as references for people. Also at the end I’ll explain how I was taught to make a circle with them.

Qabalistic Name: Malkuth
Planetary Association: Earth (sometimes)
Sphere Name: Almak
Angel class: Chomal
God Name: Meltar
Ruling Angel: Sh’miral

Qabalistic Name: Yesod
Planetary Association: Moon
Sphere Name: Timarin
Angel class: Shaqaran
God Name: La’andras
Ruling Angel: Clarshitel

Qabalistic Name: Hod
Planetary Association: Mercury
Sphere Name: Kirahl
Angel class: Sheno
God Name: Phorahlin
Ruling Angel: Tzamaron

Qabalistic Name: Netzach
Planetary Association: Venus
Sphere Name: Feonin
Angel class: Chilmarit
God Name: Shero
Ruling Angel: Milara

Qabalistic Name: Tipareth
Planetary Association: Sun
Sphere Name: Shaal
Angel class: Formin
God Name: Hemian
Ruling Angel: Miniset

Qabalistic Name: Geburah
Planetary Association: Mars
Sphere Name: Sixmaraan
Angel class: Charaam
God Name: Gerabba
Ruling Angel: Sharama

Qabalistic Name: Chesed
Planetary Association: Jupiter
Sphere Name: Sharat
Angel class: Gillarus
God Name: Sharadifel
Ruling Angel: Behrat

Qabalistic Name: Binah
Planetary Association: Saturn
Sphere Name: Ereen
Angel class: Golmtzah
God Name: Sharrom
Ruling Angel: Konshal

Qabalistic Name: Chokmah
Planetary Association: Zodiac / Uranus (Modern)
Sphere Name: Kurrian
Angel class: Shellin
God Name: Kurasis
Ruling Angel: Shetsin

Qabalistic Name: Kether
Planetary Association: Primum Mobile / Pluto
Sphere Name: Sheta
Angel class: Coraf
God Name: Eerah
Ruling Angel: Saytaraan

On another visit with Konshal I was given the instructions on how to make a Circle. While not required for contacting these Angels it can help, and now instead of the traditional Circles such as in the Goetia or Heptameron I use this Circle. Most major rituals that need an elaborate Circle this is my go-to unless I really have a reason not to. It’s fairly similar to the Circle from the Heptameron in structure.

Ideally you should make an outer circle that is nine feet across. If you don’t have the room for nine feet I find a multiple of nine based on your body works best, so nine of your feet lengths, or nine hand-widths. I feel the Circle has to be personal and basing the proportions of the circle on your body are a great way to do this. Inside that you draw a circle that is eight units across, then another that is seven units, and lastly one that is six across. This will give you three rings, and a central circle. In the central circle draw an equal-armed cross that is aligned with the cardinal directions, so the lines go from North-South, and East-West. Then outside of the largest circle at the ordinal directions (North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West) draw a five pointed star with the point facing the centre of the Circle. If you’re not instructed to use a triangle, or place it a specific direction for the spirit you’re working with, draw one. Make an equilateral triangle pointing away from the Circle in the direction of the element of the Sun sign, which is explained more below. You don’t have to call them into the triangle like some systems suggest, but having a triangle is important to the construction.

Now the largest ring will house the Names related to the month. Based on what sign the Sun is in, figure out what Angel rules the corresponding planet: Aries=Mars=Sharama, Taurus=Venus=Milara, and so on. From here figure out the element of the sign, and then the associated direction of the element, it doesn’t matter what system you use as long as you know the correspondence. (Often I use Fire-North, Water-East, Earth-South, Air-West, but a lot would disagree there) Once you know the appropriate direction for the element put the Angel’s Name in that direction of the outer ring. Then going clockwise at the other direction points put the Sphere Name, the God Name (so it will be opposite the Angel’s name), and lastly the Class of Angels (or if you’ve been given a name of one of them specifically use that). While not required here I usually say a small prayer as I’m writing, something like “Hail to thee Sharama, ruler of the Sixmaraan, General of the Charam, in the Name of Gerabba I call you here as the Voice of Aries to open the ways and watch this circle.”

In the second ring, the middle one, go the Names associated with the day: Sunday=Sun=Miniset, Monday=Moon=Clarshitel, and so on. Starting in the same direction as the outer circle write the Names clockwise in the same other Angel, Sphere, God, Class of Angels. Again I generally say a small prayer as I work.

In the inner most ring you will place the Names associated with the Planetary hours. Again they’re written in the same orientation as the outer ring, and the same order. Again a small prayer wouldn’t be out of place.

Lastly you have the inner circle that has been quartered. Here you put four GodNames, what Names are up to you. Personally mine include Kali, Eerah, Cosmos, and one other. While not required I recommend they be Transcendent/Immanent, or Universal. What I mean is some Gods are equated more or less with Reality itself, the Universe is their Body, and they are the Universe. This isn’t to say anything against Gods of specific spheres; Aphrodite, Ganesh, Thor, Anubis, and so on. But the centre of the Circle is meant to connect you to the Ultimate, the Highest, so you’re looking more for the Ultimates here. The Gods that are Reality, that all others are formed from. So with my Circle you have Kali, which is an uncommon, but not unheard of view of Her as the Ultimate. Eerah, the God Name I was given for Sheta, the Kether equivalent. Cosmos, because it’s the fucking Cosmos.

So that’s how Konshal taught me to make a Circle with these Names, and as a way of integrating them into my magick and shifting away from the Judeo-Christian Names/Forces I was looking to minimize in my practice.

circleHere is an example based upon the time of writing. It is currently Aries, ruled by Mars, so I’ll be using the Names given to me by Sharama, and the starting in the North because Aries is Fire, and Fire is North (in one system of many). It is Sunday, ruled by the Sun, so that means the Names from Miniset are used, same orientation as the outer ring, so all the Angel Names face the same way, all the Sphere Names, etc. Lastly it’s the Hour of Jupiter, so it’s Behrat in the last ring. I didn’t include stars around the illustration, but they and the triangle should be there. While not required I sometimes draw appropriate symbols between the Names. So in the Outer Ring I might draw the symbols for Mars, Aries, and the Seal of Sharama.


Skrying the Tree – Return – Known – Saytaraan


kalstreeTwo years, two months, and two days after I started my skrying experiment, it came to an end with this session, after a lot of work it came time to explore my experience of the Tree’s equivalent to Kether. Again, it was more difficult to being as there are less correspondence for Kether, but I set twelve white candles around my circle, formed as Konshal taught me, copal on the charcoal, and I settled down in front of the mirror. I let myself float into the black triangle and began.

Having learned my lesson last time I formed the Seal of Sh’miral in my mind until I could make a door to his place and stepped through. I explained that I wanted the way open for me again, that I sought the very top of the Tree, but I needed help to enter that place. “I will grant you access briefly, so you may perform this task, but no more, this world is to be dark to you until you are ready. Remember on the edge sometimes you must seek the centre. The circumference is everywhere, and what is above is also below.” He started at me, and I felt I should ask about the mixing of Hermetic axioms, but I let it slide. I thanked him, and called the door to the between space I would travel to reach the upper Sphere.

I drifted in the dark upwards moving quickly in stillness until finally I felt I had reached my goal. I reached out for a door and a point of light appeared, it either grew nearer from the distance or simply grew in size, but larger and larger this single light in the dark became until it’s border was just about to touch me, and the moment it did I passed through it. I came out of the light into darkness, not the same dark as before, but deep dark, blackness beyond the darkest pitch, somehow connected to a sightlessness. I called out, and there was nothing, I don’t mean no response, but there was no noise, not externally, nor could I hear my voice in my head, I was deaf here. Since the last experience seemed to be more mental I directed my thoughts outward and called. Something brushed my foot and up my leg, looking down I could see nothing, not even my body, but my legs were wrapped around and pulled closer. This something moved up my legs wrapping around me, hips, stomach, chest, head. It was like a snake slithering over me, too fast for a real snake, but that’s the image it called up, and the slithering became faster it moves up and down and all across me. I tried grabbing it, but it evaded me, I tried speaking but had no voice, I tried thinking out at it and got no response. Alone in darkness this snake continued to crawl all over me.

I tried to think what to do, and considered leaving only to try again later, when I thought about Sh’miral’s cryptic conversation. The Centre of the Tree is the Sun sphere, and in the model of the Tree I work with the Sun is the Centre reflected Above into the Kether Sphere and below into the Lunar Sphere. (The same is true of the others those, so Kether reflects down into the others. Three sides of the same coin) I also remembered that that Miniset, the Spirit of the Sun Sphere was a snake. So I pulled myself out of this place, and travelled to the door of Shaal. Upon entering I saw Miniset coiled about the tree again. I explained my problem. “My Sibling speaks if you could but listen. I will accompany and bring my light to the dark.” Ey sprang from the tree shrinking in size flew into my mouth and down my throat, curling around my spine. “Let us fly” and Shaal vanished around us and we were in the dark travel space again. Same procedure as before until the light swallowed me and I was in that new dark sphere.

I thought out again and the crawling resumed. I asked my questions one by one, and as I did I felt them being reasked from inside me by Miniset, and through em the answers came, a voice from within my body speaking for a voice beyond me I couldn’t here. Eventually I got my names, and I thanked the spirit, returned Miniset to Shaal, and then brought myself back to my temple.

The name of the Angel was Saytaraan, which has the same value as tree, the four elemental letters, and Amen, which also turns out to be a title of Kether. So tree is a vague link I wouldn’t place stock in, but having the four elemental letters and a name of Kether make for a strong link between this Angel and Kether.

The Sphere itself is named Sheta which has the same value as boy. Boy seems odd, but right beside it is the mention that boy was the name/title used by Enoch/Metatron. So again with Metatron (either one) there is a strong link to Kether.

In Sheta the class of spirits are called the Coraf and their name has the same value as Shalom, also used as a name of Kether.

Lastly the Godname that shapes and binds this sphere is Eerah which has the same value as Holy, and Truth. It further enumerates to the notariqon of the Four Qabalistic worlds. While not as clearly linked as the others I felt it made a good case, especially considering how well the others matched.

As with my experience with Shetsin, once I had completed the Abramelin ritual I was able to return and actually perceive and communicate with Saytaraan. Eventually I received sigils from em, but as these came after my Abramelin experience I feel they’re inapprorpriate in some way to release, too personal. Feel free to attempt communication through the names, but in this case that’s all I will give.

It was an odd two years. I went from being unemployed and dangerously low on funds, through two jobs (one of which is still my favourite job I’ve had) to going to University, and then later being accepted into a fairly selective specialized degree program that is in line with the career I’ve wanted since grade two. Through this journey I’ve laid out step-by-step what I did and experienced for those curious, and I’ll make a cheat sheet post with some other information included when I get the time.

Skrying the Tree – Atonement – Unknown – Shetsin


kalstreeIt might not seem it by the way I’ve been discussing it, but remember these skrying experiments were over a long period of time, the final session was two years, two months, and two days after my first one. This is the second last one, and was roughly two years after the first. There had been several months since my experience with Konshal and my life didn’t feel like it was being influenced or in need of another force. I was on a self-imposed timeline though, in a few months I was planning on starting the Abramelin ritual, and I wanted to finish my skrying experiment before undertaking that working, so I pushed ahead, and this will also become relevant later.

I set up my temple, but I admit it’s harder than usual to do; this Sphere lacks as many correspondences that can really be grasped. I set out fifteen small candles, put some copal incense on the burner. I drew the circle with the new form Konshal had revealed to me, set up my mirror, and set out. I drifted in the darkness for a long time, never felt like I was going anywhere, never felt like I had arrived, I tried to form a door, but it would waver and vanish. I descended to speak with Konshal, who was standing on the cliff edge looking up. Ey explained ey only watch over the chasm, ey lead people to it, and help people as they return from it, but cannot help someone cross. So I descended to the Earth Sphere and found Sh’miral, and talked. Sh’miral, if you remember, is the opener of ways, the gatekeeper, the first and the last, the highest and the lowest. So I figured if Konshal couldn’t help from the edge ey stood on, perhaps Sh’miral could open the way.

“In time all these paths would be open for you to walk again, there is no need to run ahead.” I explained that I wanted this experiment done before I started the Abramelin, that I felt it wouldn’t be good to put this on hold and leave it “open” while doing the working. Sh’miral understood to a degree “Very well, the way will be made clear for you, not as you are used to, not as you’d like, but open nonetheless. Jump from the Tree and land in darkness. The ways will be open for you to continue this quest, but no more, you may get your answers and leave. Where you walk you are not ready for, beyond the Tree, beyond the Spheres of Form it is…different. Be wary.” I thanked him, went back to Ereen with Konshal, and went into the darkness.

I drifted for a time, unsure how it would be different, how I would know I had arrived. Suddenly I realized the dark had vanished, and I was floating in…I want to say grey, but it wasn’t grey, it was a lack of colour, a lack of light and dark. Not in a transcendent way, but an absent way, I have no way to describe it other than that. I tried to call a door, but again it wouldn’t form, on my third try I felt someone behind me. I turned, or thought I did, since everything was identical I couldn’t tell if I moved or not. “Is anyone out there?” And I knew there was, they didn’t respond, but I felt a positive response, a knowing of the answer. “Are you the spirit I seek? The ruler of this realm?” Again I just knew, though I got no response. I asked the names, and each time rather than being told, I knew, no communication, only knowledge. I thanked them, and descended and returned to my body to test the names.

The Angel’s Name was Shetsin which has the same value as covered in mist, and twilight, it also means hidden. Both of those related to my experience, but more importantly it also had the same value as “formless and void” via Bereshith. Which relates to the second Sphere.

The Sphere Shetsin rules is Kurrian, and what fascinated me is there is no corresponding entry for the value of that name in any of my Gematria books at the time, and it’s a prime number, so cannot be reduced for another interpretation that way. While not a pattern I expected to hold out, it is appropriate for the higher spheres.

The beings of this realm are called the Shellin which has the same value as “there is” and “there are” which as a simple expression of to be, or being, is appropriate in this Sphere.

Lastly the God Name that rules and shapes this Sphere is Kurasis. The “asis” part of the Name always comes across windy and hissy in my head, like a snake person who is out of breath. (Sorry I don’t know how else to explain it, this stuff is bizarre at times, deal) It has the same value as the three Mother letters, so Aleph, Mem, Shin, representing Air, Water, and Fire, the first division of the elements. It also has the same value as “the name” itself, literally the words the name, not the name referring to YHWH. It is also “image of God” which is exactly what the Sphere is in some interpretations. The Sphere above it is God, pure and undivided, but below is the Image, the first separation.

Quite some time later, after having completed the Abramelin I returned to Kurrian, and was able to perceive the realm, and Shetsin, but since that “ability” wasn’t granted to me until having completed the Abramelin working I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to share what I saw or learned. The same goes with the sigils. I never created the ones based on the Name, as I felt I didn’t need it, and it wouldn’t work right anyways (too abstract), and the sigil I was given again seems too personal, or to go the total magickal douchbag route they aren’t for those who “aren’t ready” or developed, or however you want to think about it. I can share the names though, if you can reach and commune that’s great, if not perhaps later on the ways will be open for you, keep Working.

Skrying the Tree – Transformation – Konshal


kalstreeAfter making contact with Behrat my school life picked up, one of my side businesses was doing better, and then it started to get out of control. Nothing major, just a bit too fast for me to do justice to everything, I still managed but it became harder and harder to keep up my A’s and keep up with my clients. Sometimes my life shifts to suit the Sphere I’m about to contact. This time it spiralled the other way so I needed the Sphere I was about to contact.

The Bringer of Old Age playing quietly in the distance, black candles, myrrh with a hint of sulphur filled the air, circle drawn, and the glyph of Saturn floating white on my black mirror. It was time. I called to the Angels I had encountered as I opened the mirror, and travelled, the blackness was cold and I flew, specks appeared and passed away as the Spheres fell beneath me. As I climbed higher the blackness grew oppressive, as if the infinity was closing in on me. Crushing me slowly until I couldn’t move. I reached out and a door appeared, dull grey lead in a triangle with a black flaming Saturn glyph on the door. Slowly I knocked three times and opened the door.

It wasn’t much brighter on the other side, but I step through into the blackness. I could hear a fire crackling in the distance, echoing through this cave, but it gave no light. No light was needed, it was dark, oppressively so, but there was the omnipresent light still, it didn’t banish the dark or displace it, somehow this light merely illuminated the dark. The darkness was light. Behind me the cave ended in a wall, the door vanished, ahead of me stretched a cave tunnel, long and smooth, curving out of site. I called for a spirit of the place to come, but nothing came, instead I found myself walking.

After completing what felt like a complete circle in a spiralling upwards tunnel I came to a wide room. In the centre of the room hung an obsidian stalactite slowly dripping shining white water into a red lead cauldron, resting on a tripod over a crackling black fire that gave no light. Behind it stood a person, strong, tall, and lean, but skeletal and desiccated. The form wavered slowly between being dried flesh pulled over a skeleton, to a vibrant person and all the stages in between. “Are you the one I’ve come to see?” “I am the last you shall see for a long time. Come Ancient Child, sit with me and enjoy the flow.” There was a stool across from em on the other side of the cauldron, it was suddenly low enough that we could see each other easily over it. “I am the one you want. The…ruler of this world.” Ey smiled with a living face, but all eir teeth were jagged metal. “To many this lacks the wonder of the worlds above, or the beauty of the worlds below, but it is just as necessary, if not more to have this realm.” Ey paused and looked at me. “Many are out of place here, but you…you are not, you are tied to this place from heartbeat to heartbeat you are tied here.” The flame beneath the cauldron shifted to a blue colour, and the spirit took on a smile grin again, this time on a skull. “Yes, I see it now, you are tied here, not this here, but another reflection of it. You see a reality too many look over, to them it is a tomb, to you it is the womb. You have the scent of one who has walked this way before. Come!” Ey were standing and half way out of the room before I managed to stand.

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Saturn

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Saturn

We continued walking quickly up the tunnel. Every time I went to ask a question ey spoke first answering them. “You know what I mean, don’t ask me to clarify. Your Mother, your birth, your death. Tomb, womb, dissolution, and creation, it’s all the same here. While my serpentine sibling is the centre of our worlds, I’m the centre of what lies beyond. This is the womb from which spirit is born into the world, the tomb from which spirit is freed from the world. The crossroads of spirit and form is the black heart of this place. You are at the top of a Great Tree, beyond this place there is Nothing, there is Everything. We are too high up for you to ever truly walk on the ground, from the Tree there is only the Sky. Stop! We’ve come far enough, ask me no more of this place, and the questions you seek answered.” We had exited the cave, over us danced a night sky, swirling like in a time lapse video out, and not far away the ground ended and dropped away into nothing.

Eir Seal with Saturn's tail...thing.

Eir Seal with Saturn’s tail…thing.

Ey revealed eir name as Konshal. The name has the same value as End or Destruction, one of the attributes of Saturn. It also matched up with cliff and precipice which not only matched the end of the vision but a way of viewing it’s placement on the Tree and in the Spheres. Another enumeration leads it to mean to perish or grow old, and flame. Here it also means “they became and they shall be.” I think that gets to the Womb/Tomb aspect.

The name of the Sphere was given as Ereen E and reen as is seen. The name has the same value as the light, den, and steep place. It also enumerates to darkness, death, and abyss (not the Qabalistic one). While not an extremely strong link, it had enough for me to continue, when the other names are taken into consideration.

The class of Spirits from this realm are the Golmtzah, who probably have the award for the hardest to pronounce name I received. I can’t really explain how to say golm, there really isn’t an English word that matches but gol is like goal and it’s an lm sound instead of just l. The tzah is a sharp za noise, with a very slight hiss infront of it, almost like the zza in pizza -at least in the southern Ontario accent. Anyways the name has the same value as to mourn, to bind, to draw together, and contract. It can also be worked down to have the same value as oak and great tree, as well as nothingness, and corpse. The only one that isn’t immediately self-explanatory I think is oak and great tree, but to these Angels they describe the spheres of Saturn and below as part of the Tree, and the spheres above as belonging to the Sky or Heaven or Space.

And of course the God Name that constrains, forms, and controls this Sphere is Sharrom. (Rom as is roam) The value is the same as lead, as in the metal of Saturn, as well as first and primary, perpetual and constant. I wasn’t sure but I thought first/primary dealt with the placement of being the first of form, or the first on the Tree, and perpetual/constant referring to the aspect of Time in the realm of Saturn.

The names in this part of the experiment didn’t match as perfectly as some of the others, and I have no clear reason or understanding why. They work with me, and they have passed a single-blind experiment with others, so I’d say they’re valid, just for some reason not as perfectly matched as others. I’d say I’d reskry at some point and see if I get a better set of names, but this entire experiment took 2 years and 2 months, so I’d rather not revisit it when it’s still working. Also I can’t seem to find the sigil Konshal revealed to me, and I don’t want to draw what little I remember to spread, so I will include it in a later entry.

Skrying the Tree – Revelation – Behrat


kalstreeUnfortunately my magickal diaries aren’t always what they should be, and this skrying took place during one of those times. I don’t know, nor can I really guess what was going on in my life at the time, all I have are a few weeks of minimal notes, then this experiment recorded.

As always the temple was set up; blue candles everywhere, my skrying mirror reflecting the darkness, cedar and clove smoke cloying the air, and the music swelling and slowing -dancing gently for the King. Making the preliminary calls I reached out to the Tree and found myself drifting up through the darkness. At once I was beckoning and being beckoned to, drawing down and being drawn to. Then the still darkness stopped and I called the door, a square tin door faded out of the darkness, an electric pulsing blue Jupiter glyph it’s only decoration. I knocked once, knocked thrice, and the door opened.

I was greeted by a scene from Coleridge. A lush green valley stretched below me, and not far down from where the door opened was a small but elegant roofless palace made of crystal the colour of clouds fading into a blue sky. Nowhere was a flat horizon, mountains climbed from all corners of the scene into a perfectly clear blue sky with no sun, just omnipresent light. Wandering down a path that seem to grow as I moved I followed the trail to the palace, accompanied every step by the scents of impossible flowers hiding in the bushes. Inside were sculptures of crystal, glowing with faint blue light, geometric forms and impossible shapes accented with the occasional animal that looked so lifelike it was a wonder the crystal didn’t crack and run into the forests surrounding. There was something about their colour and light that reminded me of Almak, the Earth Sphere.

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Jupiter

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Jupiter

I found a stream that flowed beneath the stone floor and followed it until I reached the centre chamber. On a couch made of solid cloud rested a person, too tall and lean to be human, beautiful but the proportions were all just slightly off. Eir skin was a dark and deep blue, but it shimmers with shades of blues, occasionally highlighted by other colours. Liquid blue rainbows and peacock feathers seemed to live beneath eir skin. With a gesture of eir hand I was waved to a kneeling stool in front of em. As the breeze moved over em faint music was heard, like crystal flutes in the distance. I knelt in front of em, and ey looked at me for quite a while before speaking. A voice that half sang, filled with musical notes of wild animals and musical instruments. “Rest, and enjoy the kingdom, my kingdom, your kingdom. You have been broken, and constrained, burnt and purified, here may you rest. It is not always so here, but for now take the peace, for the challenges are yet to come.” I asked “What challenges? Why isn’t it always peaceful here?”

Ey reclined on eir cloud-couch. “No kingdom is ever at peace, not as you mean it. All things move in rhythms and cycles, to you as you are they are disruptions, but to us they simply are.” Ey seemed to sense my confusion and continued. “Life and death are just part of cycle, joy and pain, calm and panic. Movements, cycles, but when you see it from our place they simply are. Even when your feet are on your Path there is this pulsing. Much of what disrupts peace is your doing, or the doing of others, but in the end even on the Path there appears to be disruptions, but that is simply the Way. It is peaceful now due to consensus. My sibling of Sun has decreed it. You are on your Path, and we see what is to come, and what has been, so for now, here is peace, so you may rest.” “But what is coming?” “Nothing you should fear, and nothing that can hurt you, the Path merely grows more difficult. Above me lives my sibling, the last ruler on this Ladder you climb, but the Path continues above the Ladder. When you reach their realm the Ladder ends, but the climb must continue. Your Path continues where there is no Path. They are the last of the Forms before the Sky opens. It is hard for your kind to leave the Ladder, but beyond it waits great beauty. Now, you have come for a reason. Ask me your questions, so you may return to your books to see that I am as I say.”

Eir Seal revealed at the time. The only Angel to gift it to me right away.

Eir Seal revealed at the time. The only Angel to gift it to me right away.

When asked eir name was given as Behrat which has the same value as palace, bright/shining, and lean. It was an interesting link that the name equated with palace as that is where we met, and ruling the Sphere of Jupiter, and calling it a kingdom the idea of palace is very appropriate. Lean and shining both work as physical descriptions, but it’s interesting as the Angels of the Sphere in traditional Qabalah are the Brilliant/Shining Ones. The name also connected to El, the traditional Divine Name of the Sphere. It connects to wealth, again appropriately enough for the Sphere. Oddly though there is a Hebrew verb it equals which means both to go, and to be brought, which considering my experience of approaching the Sphere seems to fit.

The Sphere’s name is Sharat which equals perfume, Shinamin (the Angels of Chesed of Briah), and Palace of the Pavement of Sapphire Stone. While the latter is a name traditionally associated with Malkuth/Earth, and Yesod/Moon the description couldn’t fit this place better, a palace, the sapphire blues everywhere. It really fit. It was interesting too that both the Angel Name and the Sphere Name contained a reference to a palace (especially given the Sphere).

The Gillarus are the class of Angels of this Sphere, and their name equates with to conquer, to govern, and lord/ruler. For Angels of the Kingdom of Jupiter those all work very well.

Finally the God Name that Rules and Forms the Sphere is Sharadifel relating to Judge, to rule, and valley. The first two again appropriate for the Sphere, valley suiting the vision itself. The name also connects to Mercy, which of course for those playing the home game is the meaning of Chesed, the name of the Jupiter Sphere in the Qabalah.

Also, while irrelevant to the meanings, both Behrat and Gillarus have the same value as different words meaning “girdle” it’s not unusual for names to have similar meanings in this experiment, but I’ve never had them mean the same thing, but mean something totally unrelated. (Unless someone knows how girdles connect to Jupiter/Chesed)

Every Thursday, or the beginning of a Jovian ritual I have the base prayer I recite:

Hail to thee Behrat, ruler of Sharat, King of the Gillarus, in the Name of Sharadifel I call you here, and ask that you work with me, and walk with me.

Skrying the Tree – Death and Rebirth – Sharama


kalstreeSeveral weeks after the high of Miniset things settled into a funk. As I mentioned things went awesomely with Miniset and then that stopped. Life was normal, but after that period it seemed negative. Like being in the sunlight (appropriately) and coming inside, it may still be bright inside, but it seems dark at first in comparison. This was the only time I thought about consciously creating the atmosphere of the planet I was approaching; here I was in a funk, and I needed Mars; strength, vitality, and force.

It wasn’t hard, I just tossed myself into my life, I cast of the expectation of what I just passed through and took things as they went. After a week or so I was feeling normal and vibrant and then decided to toss myself into the next stage of my skrying, and this was my favourite experience of the experiment.

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Mars

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of Mars

Temple was set, the dragon’s blood smoke filling the air, five red candles surrounding me, I entered my trance, and was flying through the Outer/Inner/Spirit Space toward the Sphere of Mars. It took a while, but I thought I had arrived, so I called forth the door, a pentagon of iron with a red Mars glyph burning on it. I knocked, knocked thrice, and knocked again. The door opened to a rolling sea of sand, red gold burning in an omnipresent hot light, no sun, but radiance. I stepped onto the hot sand, stretching out as far as the eye could see, I saw neither buildings nor distinctive markers, so I called to the spirit, I felt nothing clear, so I decided to trust myself and walk. As I climbed a dune I could hear a deep thumping resonating in my chest, like the chugging of a train. As I reached the top of the hill of sand I realized it wasn’t a train, but a ship, an airship, more specifically, a Doomship. If you got that reference, yes you read right, I was facing a Doomship from Super Mario 3. (I swear I was only burning dragon’s blood, please remember that as you continue to read.)

When in Rome…so as the ship flew over I climbed the anchor chain up to the deck. I approached the cabin at the end of the ship, thankfully unlike the ones in the game I didn’t have to dodge bullets and flamethrowers, the mounts and barrels were there, but inactive. I opened the door and was confronted by a lizard man, reminiscent of a Boomerang Brother, but more reptilian and lean. He gave me a set of Names, I left, and began the fun long process of writing them out, adding up the gematria, then comparing the values of the Names. When I first started this experiment, I didn’t expect to verify via gematria, but since I started it had proven itself a valuable tool, Names had an internal consistency and related to the Sphere I was addressing. Yet, here I had four Names that didn’t link to each other at all, and didn’t relate to Mars. This was a completely false encounter, fascinating and different. In an odd way it was reassuring to see that it could happen, that not all Name/Values would fit.

Eir seal linked with the Martial Glyph

Eir seal linked with the Martial Glyph

The temple was still active and alive, so I settled in, and found myself in the desert once more. Boarding the ship I went to the cabin and confronted the spirit. He mocked me, threatened me, said I would not find what I was looking for, and he wouldn’t help. I don’t know what inspired but I reached out with my mind and bound him in writhing iron chains. He didn’t give up “You can trap me, but I will outlast you.” Focusing again I reached out and channelled solar-fire through the chains. They burnt until they glowed, and finally the spirit said he’d escort me. The ship lurched and changed its heading toward a large grey stone castle. When we were over the castle I climbed down the anchor and entered the main chamber. Prepare your laugh or facepalms now. Standing before me in the dark red chamber was Bowser, not quite as he appears in the game, but a figure much like Bowser, except flames burnt on his shell rather than spikes, and the face was more elongated like an alligator. He explained that the spirit before was just a servant acting above his place. He gave me the Names and all four checked out. Since then while he still appears similarly, there is less Bowser and more dinosaur/dragon to him, also despite what I’m saying ey tend to appear less male and more beyond sex/gender.

Eir seal revealed years later.

Eir seal revealed years later. One of my favourite seals.

So the Angel of Mars Named emself as Sharama which has the same value as Guard, and Watchmen. All fairly Martial concepts. (My notes also say loins, but I when double checking my books I couldn’t find a matching entry for loins)

The Sphere ey rule is Sixmaraan having the same value as rank, as in the sense of the military ranking, and the phrase “to be strong and brave”.

The Spirits of the realm, including the one I encountered on the ship are the Charaam which equals Spear.

Lastly the Godname that gives Form and Power is Gerabba which is the same value of Sword.

Guard, (military) rank, spear, and sword. As always the Names and identity have been confirmed by others. I tend to treat spirits with respect and am not a fan of having to exercise force against them unless needed. So my treatment of the Charaam I encountered, binding him in chains and running fire through them, is uncharacteristic, but I think considering I was in the Force of Mars it isn’t completely unexpected. And as always there is a simple prayer I use when calling Sharama on Tuesdays or at the beginning of a Martial working.

Hail to thee Sharama, Ruler of the Sixmaran, General of the Charaam, in the Name of Gerabba I call to you here and ask that you work with me and walk with me.

Skrying the Tree – Helper – Miniset


This has been hard to write. In part cause of school devouring my time, but also no entry does this time of my life justice, so I’ll be talking in broad strokes this time.

Life was good. Everything hit this groove, it almost felt like a routine in that it was so easy, but it wasn’t routine, it wasn’t rote, it was vibrant. Every area of my life was flowing awesomely, making great money and having a great time at work, magickal/spiritual stuff was flowing, friendships and relationships were active and fun without any concerns, painting and playing up a storm. I was full of energy and it felt like everything I touched turned to gold, everything was going perfect. I thought now was a good time to try skrying, if everything else was effortless hopefully I’d get the right spirit first time around.

Temple set up, Morgenstimmung playing, candles set up, copal burning, and into the mirror I went. Sh’miral opened the gates, Clarshitel passed me on, and I was whirling through the dark to the Sphere of the Sun. With a soundless gong I knew I was where I should be, and I called the door, hexagon and golden with a shining yellow Sun glyph blazing on it. I knocked thrice, and thrice again and the door opened.

Eir Seal drawn on the Qamea of the Sun

An idyllic scene opened before me, emerald grass, gentle breeze, beautiful trees. I walked in and called for the spirit, and felt drawn to a group of trees. One tree had a strangely golden trunk so I approached it, only to realize it wasn’t the trunk that was golden, but a golden serpent was twisted around it several times, so you couldn’t tell if twisting up or down. It tilted its head side-to-side watching me.

“I wondered when you’d arrive. It was an easy journey, yes? Have you been enjoying yourself?” “Enjoying myself?” Up close I could clearly see the scales, as if they were inked black on the edge of the gold. “Friends, money, art, insight, passion, you’ve had a very productive few weeks.” “Are you trying to tell me that was you?” “Of course, what else could it have been? I have been providing for you. When you’re in my Sphere the world is laid before you, being in your place here means nothing interferes with your way. I am the Sun, the Light of the Highest passes through me into the World, and those of the World reach up into the Highest through me. I am the Light, and the Reflection of the Light.”

Eir Seal combined four times over the Sun. While harder to draw I prefer aesthetically this to the Revealed Seal below.

I was really bothered by this interaction, part of the message, part how it was told; I didn’t like the idea of this spirit claiming that everything awesome in the preceding weeks was just em showing itself to me. I got the names, and I confirmed them via the gematria. I don’t know why but I still didn’t trust em, so I went back to eir realm, and asked for the names again, and I was given the same names. I tried placing the Sun glyph on eir head and it just sank in, I placed a Gimel on em and it disappeared, and I tried Roaring Solar Names and ey had no reaction. Like it or not, ey were who they claimed, and I did have em to thank.

The Angel identified emself as Miniset, which has the same value as King which is appropriate, and a title of Tiphereth, as well as Gate a title of Malkuth. Dropping a vowel in another spelling has the name equal Master, and Malkuth. Malkuth is important here, as in my take on the Tree all the centre Spheres are reflections.

The Sphere ey rule is Shaal which enumerates to “to which the angel is guided” and Pearl a title of Malkuth again, also “to ascend” (a very Tiphareth notion). Dropping the vowel again gives Master, and Abramelin. Abramelin is interesting as on the Tree schema accomplishing the Abramelin ritual is of the Tiphereth Sphere.

The Order Miniset rules is the Formin which equals Peace and Kether. Kether is important for the same was Malkuth was, the middle Spheres are reflections. If the vowel is dropped from Formin the value becomes Creation, Perfect, and Yesod.

Lastly the God name that shapes it all is Hemian which has the same value as Aleph, Aum, “The Hidden Wonder” a title of Kether, the Intelligence of Sol, and the sum of the Magic Square of the Sun.

Eir Seal revealed years later. Interesting geometry.

Master, and connection to Malkuth/Yesod/Kether –the middle spheres– seemed to be the theme of the Names, and again with Miniset others have confirmed eir nature. My life went back to normal after this meeting and when I asked Miniset why ey left me I was told “No one can live in the Sphere of the Sun, until they are the Sun themself, they would be burnt.” While it made sense, it was an answer (like most of Miniset’s) that bothered me, but time and time again ey have proven to be a great ally. In fact Miniset tends to be one of my most frequently called upon Angels. Like all the other Planetary Angels, Miniset gets a special prayer and offering once a week, these short prayers are always what I use to start any evocation of the Angel or use of their power (like blessing a honey jar).

Hail to thee Miniset, Ruler of Shaal, Master of the Formin, in the Name of Hemian I call you here and ask that you work with me and walk with me.

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