Wednesday Webshare: Smashing the Wall of Jericho, History, and Buddhist Humour


We have found a large underground city, perhaps the largest ever recovered. I love hearing about these discoveries for multiple reasons, and a big part is it helps unsettle our historical narrative. Also I’m of the camp that believes our estimates for these cities are far too conservative. I might sound a bit like dear Gordon (but I’m in good company if I do) but our history is more complex than we realize, and when you look at the mythologies of this area, the idea of ancient people living underground opens up some fascinating possibilities.

Humanity was more advanced in a lot of our early received history than most people realize. Just recently it came to light that Babylonian astronomers had developed a pre-cursor to calculus. Their spiritual pursuit of their gods led them to understand the sky and chart the world in ways most modern historians don’t realize. Part out of a notion of prestige and lineage, we like to trace great accomplishments to people “like us” so the Western view of world history often ignores how often our great ideas and accomplishments were done somewhere else first. Another part of it is it’s comforting to assume we’re much more advanced than those who came before us, but in reality we don’t want to see where we came from.

There is also a huge Judeo-Christinizing influence on history. I’ve seen it colourfully referred to as the Wall of Jericho. (I should pause here to remind readers, or inform newer readers, that I’m not just a person babbling about history, I have an Honours Bachelor degree in history from one of the best history departments in North America, and part of my early degree focused on Ancient Near East History. So I’m a slightly qualified person babbling about history) Basically there is a lot of pushback against historically dating things outside of the Biblical time line. Even though most people think Creationism is a joke, it’s hard academically to get consensus that something involving human civilization happened before the year 4000 BCE. Slowly we’re pushing that line, but each time we do, the Biblical timeline shifts too. Most notably our dating of the walls of Jericho. Despite the fact that we can disprove essentially every part of the history in the Bible before King David, not that we lack proof, we have proof its wrong.

That’s part of a bigger rant, but it’s why I love Gobekli Tepe, it’s undeniably the oldest monument we’ve discovered, and due to evidence around it, it’s impossible to shortchange its 12,000 year history. We’re still studying, but we’re restoring it too. I sincerely hope as we study it we’ll really break the Wall of Jericho and realize humanity’s history is longer and more interesting that people generally think.

Another step in uncovering our histories is the discovery of a large body of text written in the Etruscan language. As we work through it we may begin to learn more about this surprisingly powerful culture that we actually know little about, and since the inscription is from a temple we might learn more about their gods.

In more recent times regarding recovering lost history, the occult books of Heinrich Himmler have been found. Apparently 13,000 books. While I’m sure many of them are run of the mill, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nazis found some more unique books in their rampage, and I can’t wait to hear more about what was uncovered.

Switching gears:

There is a new blog, that I cannot recommend enough, but I suggest folks head over to The Perfumed Skull. It’s a blog on anthropology, esotericism, and a large dose of Tibetan Buddhism. It’s not a casual read, the entries are long, dense, and academic, but if you’re looking for a more critical historical/anthropological take, this is definitely worth following.

I first “met” the author when he linked to my post on tulpas in his great piece (on another site) analyzing the role and change of the tulpa idea in Western thought. And was polite enough to call my tone merely exasperated.

Following Buddhism in an irreverent way, facebook memories reminded me of my Buddha Name Shindan Maker I made a few years back, thanks to Polyphanes pushing me. At the time I was reading the Avatamsaka Sutra, which is not a Buddhist text I suggest anyone read unless it’s a really important part of your path. Part of the book is essentially a catalogue of all the Buddhas across different “world oceans.” They all have fantastic and bizarre names, that follow a simple pattern, so I put in the common words, and let this program spit out names that are hilariously close to the original. I, in case you were wondering, will be the Buddha Adamantine Light of Razorlike Compassion. As someone who repeatedly says “I will shank you with loving-kindness” razorlike compassion is very suiting.

Speaking of irreverent Buddhism, spirit houses are a common fixture in Thai Buddhist cultures. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) many cats assume any boxlike structure is for them. So here is an adorable collection of cats cramming themselves in spirit houses

Lastly, after the big Japanese tsunami lots of taxi drivers reported giving rides to ghosts. While it’s hard to trace the validity of these stories, it’s interesting to me that it happened en masse. If it was just a single driver, it would be easy to say it’s made up or imagined, but a bit harder with several reporting similar events.


I Want To See Your Peacock…


Come gather around children, and hear the tale of how twins, angels, Orion, and peacocks are out to drive Kalagni batty. People who follow me on facebook or twitter have seen part of this ongoing battle, but I thought I would share it here, unfortunately my journaling has sucked since March, so I might miss parts.

It started about a month ago, I started getting information hints, some were from my HGA, some were from Me, and some were from something/someone else. It was suggesting a connection between twins, Orion, and angels. I couldn’t piece together the entire thing, but there was something, some link between these concepts, and it was tugging at my spirit to solve the problem.

During this time my Beloved bought me a beautiful necklace made of 200+ year old glass, and just the feel of it, I knew I had to do something magickal with it, but I didn’t know what. Then when I was looking at it in the sun light I realized the light was highlighting some bubbles in the glass. It’s over 200 years old, I’m not surprised there were bubbles in the glass from back then. Three big bubbles in a row, almost, a crooked row…like Orion’s belt. As soon as I realized that I looked closer, and there were bubbles for the shoulders, and the shield, and one of the feet. By some messed up chance in making the glass, the image of Orion was almost perfectly preserved in my necklace. I was mildly freaked, I also noticed that the colour and pattern of the necklace reminded me of peacocks, a very dangerous observation for me.

Then I was discussing an astrology based magickal technique with Polyphanes, and he recommended the use of the Syzygy and at first I didn’t like the idea. Anyways, I woke up the next morning with my Holy Guardian Angel telling me that I should use the Syzygy. In the abstract multimodal way my HGA often communicates I was told to “accept the Twin” which was accompanied by a vision of the Sun, Full Moon, and Earth. I knew this meant the Syzygy, which in Jungian terms is about paired opposites, and in general it means something in Union, which was how I linked it to twins, and from the placement of the bodies in the vision I could tell what it meant.

So then I looked at where my Syzygy is in my chart. Oh look, Gemini, the Twins. Oh look, more specifically it’s Conjunct Rigel, Orion’s Foot…oh look, Rigel is a binary (twin) star. Twins, Orion, Twins. Then I checked the time I woke up (when you wake up when family dies like I do, you habitually note when you wake up unusually) and drew the astrological chart, and conjunct the ascendant when my Angel woke me up? Rigel. The twin star in Orion…

As I played with these synchronicities peacocks started appearing to me more and more. First they started showing up peripherally in vision work, and then they appeared quite clearly when a spirit was seeking to contact me (speaking in Latin, because, screw me). Now, peacocks have been “chasing” me for about eight years, I don’t want to deal with them as a symbol. But I started to entertain this now, what connection was there between twins, angels, Orion, and peacocks? I still don’t have a solid answer. (I know of links between Orion and a specific angel, and between peacocks and angels, but not all of them together)

I felt inspired one day to clean my front porch, the downside to living in a large house on your own, is your family occasionally uses your place as storage. Anyways while cleaning up I came across a picture I had not seen before. I’ve since found out it was a gift to my father and he had it hanging in his office for years before he switched careers, then he packed it up and put it on the porch. Would anyone in the studio audience like to guess what it is a picture of? Two peacocks, you could say, twin peacocks even. I believe my scream/laugh/cry when I unpacked it was audible for many kilometres.

I decided to dive away from Western stuff and focus on Buddhism, that would help me escape these things, right? Until I found a reference to my Yidam as “the Peacock Bodhisattva.” So I decided to give in, I’d make space for the peacock entity in my life, I hung up the picture, and then doing some trance work I was given a set of three Seals for the “Angel” who was trying to contact me

Over the course of a week I decided to consecrate the necklace to this Angel, as a transvocation point, a nexus where our two realities touch, making communication and skrying easier. Then, as I was still getting to know the spirit, I invited them into my dreams, because while I suck at dream magick, it is one of the few places where contact with spirits will be largely unfiltered. So every night before bed I opened space over my bed, and called down the peacock spirit to visit me, so we might talk in my dreams, and for seven nights nothing happened. Through this process though I felt compelled to contact an Angel in Orion, but I knew it had to wait until I had better contact with the first angel. After the week was up I conjured the angel, it was faint, but the connection was established. It had the feel of an initiation, that I have to work through things in order to gain greater access.

Then, I felt an odd inspiration to good clean my room, and I mean good clean, including the storage under my bed which I never touch. I found my old sleeping bag in a vacuum sealed storage bag under my bed, but there was something odd and blue-green in with it. It was under the far corner of my bed (it’s a queen bed in a corner, so that corner storage never gets touched) and I had to crawl under with a staff to get it out. I open up the bag, unfurl the blue-green blanket, and fall onto my bed laughing, wondering for a moment if I might have actually lost my mind, because suddenly I had a peacock blanket I had never seen before. No, let me correct that, a blanket with two peacocks, you could say twin peacocks even. No idea how (mundanely) such a blanket could have been vacuum sealed with my sleeping bag, and shoved into the farthest reaches of my bedroom, without me knowing.

Finally on Friday, I went to the Bluffs an hour before dawn, when Rigel and Alnilam were on the horizon rising, and conjured the Angel in Orion.

Who knows where this bizarre madness will take me…though I have a nagging suspicion it will involve summoning a lot of spirits.

Wednesday Webshare: Bad Mages, Divination, and Lack of Angel on Man Action


Mercury Web

Cultural appropriation is rampant in a lot of occult circles, and generally irks me. So have an article on cultural appropriation of Lukumi. What I find interesting is the difference between “innocent” cultural appropriation, and people who blatantly steal and make shit up, I always wonder about the second group.

Non-invisible bank robber caught because his sorcerer for hire didn’t come through. Always investigate people you’re buying your magick from before important service purchases.

Speaking of which, an alleged psychic steals thousands from a client.

I grew up believing that early Christians were a horribly persecuted group, and that their strength of faith sustained them. Hell I was also told how tough it was for modern Christians. Both are bullshit though. The myth of early Christian persecution covers just that.

Polyphanes tackles divination related disorders. Worth considering for those of us who give, or receive divinatory services. Personally I don’t let people get multiple readings from me in a short period unless I know they actually followed through with the advice. If it’s been less than a month, and you haven’t done anything, nothing much has changed, I’m not supporting your need for an illusion of control through knowledge.

Shifting gears on divination. Psyche gives a run down of the top five foundational books on tarot. Those I’ve read I would say are good to work through even if you’re very familiar with the tarot.

Om Mani iPadme Hum. Buddhists and technology. During my chöd training I remember going to a cemetery with my lama and another student. I pull out my pecha, he pulls out an iPad with a stand, with the text as a pdf. The only i is the Pad.

A reader responded to my review of Yoga Body with a small talk countering the text, suggesting there was a posture tradition before the modern error. I didn’t find it as convincing, but that may be just due to the difference in length, but it was worth a read. So give it a once over if your curious about yoga, and the relationship/nonrelationship to posture.

Lastly, because I love me some angels…and I mean love (wink)… Why didn’t female angels have sex with men? Just a short look at that wonderful scene in Genesis, the language, and the physical (so to speak) sex of angels, and their sexuality.

Wednesday Webshare: Ghosts, Gnostics, and God-Fights


Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (formerly known as the Neon Lama) answers some questions from students about ghosts from a Vajrayana Buddhist perspective.

Speaking of ghosts, are you dead and lonely? Do you want someone to fill your nights with long walks through walls? Then check out Ghost Singles, where you can find the love of your life…so to speak.

Having trouble believing in your magick? Maybe that’s cause it doesn’t take long enough? People are more likely to believe in spells that take longer.

Help out the Occult Guide by listing occult places of interest (My bedroom isn’t marked oddly enough)

There is a Noah movie coming up (I didn’t know either, the drunk scene at the end has me worried) and it’s going to include giant Angels called the Watchers, and as someone a fan of the Watcher myths, this has me intrigued.

Since I know some readers will find interest in this, Polyphanes from Digital Ambler gave a run-down on a lot of books on geomancy if you’re trying to figure out what to start with, or if that book is worth getting.

An interesting look at Judaisms (yes plular) and their view of demons.

Ebay cans the sales of spells and potions and divinations. It’s a move I’m torn about. On one hand have you read 95% of the magick listings on ebays, super-powerful-haunted items to kill friends and give you that good ass? On the other hand the day before I started listing stuff on ebay. (Though for readers I say stick with my etsy) My stuff is in an odd place, cause it’s physical craft items, just with stuff done to it.

Smite (or SMITE?) is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game where you play as Gods from diverse pantheons battling each other. I must admit any game where I can play Kali and kill Ra, Zeus, or Odin is a winner in my book. (Since it took me a while to track down, this is the current system requirements for the game but as it is still in beta this may change. If I get a beta key, or when they game comes out, I’ll share my profile information so I can slaughter my blog readers)

Looking to integrate spirituality and technology? A comic on why Siri shouldn’t be your psychopomp. Though in Siri’s defense a lot of Tibetan words are tricky

Looking for a non-threatening Thelemic icon for your desk at work? How about Hello Kitty Aleister Crowley?

Marvin Meyer, a Biblical and Gnostic scholar and translator died last week at the age of 64. I have several of his translations and enjoyed them, and the understanding and passion he put into them.

To counter that downer; a short four minute film on a young demon conjurer. I appreciate the fairly authentic seals, also Demon Summoning for Kids really is a book idea I should get working on… how intelligible should a child’s speech be before you start teaching them conjuration?

Review: Watcher Angel Tarot and Guidebook – Michelle Belanger and Jackie Williams


Watcher Angel Tarot Guidebook: Myth, Meaning, and Creation – Michelle Belanger and Jackie Williams
Emerald Tablet Press. 2011. 312pp. 9780983816911.

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” Genesis 6:1-2

Such a little innocuous line, often overlooked and forgotten, yet containing the seeds of a beautifully deep myth expounded upon in the Book of Enoch. Watcher Angels, the sons of God(s), fell to the Earth and took up human mates, and taught the secrets of heaven. That is the theme of this deck. I’ve talked about this deck before but it is time for a proper review.

In the introduction Michelle says “I didn’t want simply to design another Tarot built on the bones of the Rider-Waite-Smith. I wanted to revision the Tarot entirely, allowing the symbols to speak through me and to find expression in some vital and personal myth.” (12) And that is what you find with this deck. It isn’t a Rider-Waite-Smith clone with angel wings drawn on it, it isn’t a clone with some of the images and settings shifted around, it is a fairly different beast altogether.

The deck was designed from the ground up. Looking at the overarching traits of the Major Arcana a parallel from the Enochic myth was chosen, for the most part one of the Watcher Angels themselves represents the Majors, each assigned according to what they did, and what they taught. For instance you have Kasdeya who taught “all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb” as Death, and Shemyaza the leader of the Angels in the Fall as The Fool.

Seven of Pentacles. RWS: A man leaning on his hoe. Watcher Angel: A man leaning on his...

The Minor Arcana form an entire story of their own; from Ace to Ten, Pentacles, to Cups, to Wands, to Swords, they lay out the entire tale. Pentacles are just after the Fall, the struggle to learn and build a world. In Cups they have established themselves and enjoy the world. With Wands they show their children the mysteries of heaven and magick. Finally with Swords their children turn upon each other. Since each suit contains its own story arch it is a remarkably easy deck to learn, though initially I was wary of the differences, because even if you have a moment of uncertainty when you place the card in the story it becomes clear what it represents. The meanings, the keywords of the cards are standard, but they way they play out in the Enochic myth is quite different.My only complaint with this system is it falls into an earlier interpretation of the Tarot, since the Swords are about the war among the children, the majority of the Swords are negative and challenging cards. Something many decks do but I dislike.

The artwork in this deck is phenomenal. The images are deep and complex, without being cluttered, in a lifelike and detailed painting style you’re not likely to see in a Tarot deck. Colours are rich and vibrant, and thematically carry between the suits. Jackie has a wonderful talent and her skill really brings the images to life. For me it is the settings, wings, and faces that really get me. The backgrounds are evocative, be they a shifting patch of colour or an elegant city vista. The wings just look better than most angel depictions –it’s a personal gripe of mine. Lastly the faces are very engaging, haunting, and real. The entire deck is viewable here on Jackie’s site and will show far better than I can describe.

The companion book was refreshingly honest. “I won’t lie and say that this deck was merely the product of detached academic research. There is a great deal of vision and inspiration, myth, dream, and magick woven into this work.” (19) Or as Jackie says it is “a deck designed by two psychics with input from the universe.” (29) All things considered it’s something I’ve found odd that so many deck creators shy away from discussing. In fact the companion book is remarkably complete, perhaps too much for some cases, but as it says you can skip the sections that don’t interest you. The book contains Jackie and Michelle’s stories for making the Tarot, the years of planning and research for Michelle, the years of painting and living the cards for Jackie. Michelle leads you into the research and struggles, Jackie even gives interesting advice on paper and paint types. Their stories are followed by the myth of the Watchers, how it relates to Campbell’s Monomyth as well as to the Book of Enoch and related texts. It moves into tarot history, where it came from, how it became part of the Western Mystery Tradition, beliefs about the tarot, and then finally the interpretations of the cards. If you’ve never dealt with the tarot before this book covers pretty much all the basics you’ll need, and if you’re familiar with the tarot and don’t care about personal stories you can skip to the back where you can learn about the cards and understand why Michelle and Jackie made the choices they did in illustrating the deck.

I will fully own up to a triple bias with this deck, Michelle and Jackie are friends, and personally I love the Enochic mythology. That being said, I don’t believe it is my bias speaking when I say this has quickly become one of my favourite decks; the beautiful art, the compelling myth, it just makes this a wonderful and unique deck.

Webshare Wait-It’s-Monday: Enochic and Enochian Galore


Baraquiel- The Hanged Man

Baraquiel- The Hanged Man

Sorry for the lack of posting recently, I decided to run for an unplanned holiday on the family farm. I was going to share these links/stories later, but as one of them is time sensitive I’ll do so a little early and with that said it might as well be the link I start with.

My friends Michelle and Jackie have been working on a tarot deck. Michelle’s been scheming it for about a decade and if I remember my timelines right Jackie’s been painting for about five years. The Watcher Angel Tarot is a reinterpretation of the themes of the tarot through the legend of the Watcher Angels as told in the Book of Enoch. The deck is finally done and presales start this Tuesday (June 21st). Currently you can pre-order the deck as collector and supporter decks on Jackie’s art site to help foot the start-up cost, and the deck will be released October 21st, just in time for the end of the world, and that’s not a coincidence. On Monday and Tuesday at 1830 (EST) Michelle and Jackie will be doing a twitter to youtube question answer session about the deck, so if you’re interesting and/or want to learn more go to Jackie’s site or participate in the chat to hear about the deck from the people driving it.

Damon Albarn (Gorillaz) has written an opera ‘Doctor Dee’ on the life of the historic occultist John Dee, founder of Enochian magick. I’m actually really amused and intrigued with the idea. He says he will focus on the occult practices of the good doctor, as he feels that part of his life has been hidden from history. No mention if wife-swapping for YHWH will be in the opera as of yet.

While totally different, this just couldn’t help but remind me of The Enochian Keys Opera by Valentin Dubovskoy from several years back, which I had interesting results with.

Next month sees the release of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, a video game loosely based on the Book of Enoch (I’m seeing a theme in my links, this wasn’t planned). The game has you taking the role of Enoch the Prophet trying to stop seven fallen angels and the flood that will destroy mankind if they are not stopped. I have neither of the platforms it is on (PS3 or 360) but I’ve been debating a PS3 for a while (I don’t really play video games) and I think this might be a good inspiration. A PS3 for my spiritual research, that’s reasonable, right?

Edit: I just found a video trailer of the game. It looks good to me, and has an interesting artistic style.

An Orthodox Jewish Court has condemned a dog to death by stoning. The belief is the dog that invaded the court room was the reincarnation of a secular lawyer the judges had previously cursed to be reborn as a dog for insulting them. What I found most interesting is that it is a public admission of the belief in reincarnation (which while it has some historical basis in Judaism is a fringe belief currently) but also the belief that the judges have the capacity to use a curse to direct someone’s next incarnation and that it could include animals such a dogs. I was under the impression that Jewish beliefs in reincarnation was limited to humans, but animals and cursing incarnations, both are new tricks to me.

Lastly, and really really not least is Rob’s Basic Laws, Rules, and Rights of Magic an absolutely brilliant article on…well just that, the laws, rules, and rights of magick. It’s a long read, and you definitely need to take some time to work through it but it is worth it. I probably only disagreed with one or two points, and not in horribly strong ways, I really recommend you give it a read if you haven’t seen it yet. It matched up with some of my own conceptions on the laws/rules and made me question and debate others.

That being said I leave these links with you, and hopefully return to blogging proper soon.

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